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Appalachian Studies Bibliography

To assist you in researching an Appalachian regional topic, the librarians have compiled an important index, the  Appalachian Bibliography (Z1251.A7A6). This volume, published in 1980, lists more than 8000 citations to books, journal articles, and documents, is subject-indexed and contains descriptive annotations. The Appalachian Bibliography is supplemented by the  Appalachian Outlook (Z1251.A7 A7) covering the years 1980-2002. These two reference indexes can be found in the Reference Collection, in the Milano Reading Room, and at other campus libraries. These are continued by the online Appalachian Studies Bibliography (linked below) which spans 1994 to the present.

The Bibliography and Outlook are valuable complements to more routine reference tools such as the library catalog and databases. Recent examples of Appalachian search topics include:  Appalachian stereotypes; women and Appalachia; fiction and poetry; old-time music; labor disputes including the West Virginia Mine Wars and the Battle of Blair Mountain; folklore; snake handling in Pentecostal Holiness churches; and the Hatfield-McCoy Feud.

Appalachian Studies Bibliography 1994-2012

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  • HTML version: Best for browsing by subject.

Appalachian Studies Bibliography 2013-June 2016

  • PDF version Best for viewing the entire document. Use the Find and Search functions to word-search or phrase-search.
  • HTML version: Best for browsing by subject.

Appalachian Studies Bibliography 2017-2020

Hints for Better Keyword Searching

Keep in mind, the suggestions outlined here aren't exhaustive. In addition, it’s possible that some of the terms you may discover while searching may seem antiquated now, but were appropriate at the time.

Using the terms below to aid in keyword searching will help you find what you’re looking for:

  • If you’re searching for LGBTQ+ use the following:
    • LGBT
    • Gay . . . . . .You will find surnames, subjects, and topics using this term
    • Lesbian
  • If you’re searching for African American topics use the following:
    • Black, black
    • African American, African-American
    • Affrilachian . . . . . . defined as both a blend of the words African and Appalachia. It is also defined as an African American who is native to or resides in Appalachia.
  • If you’re searching for Indigenous People use the following:
    • Indian
    • Native American, Native-American
    • Melungeon
    • Specific tribal names such as Cherokee and Seminole
  • If you’re searching for research on or including enslaved people use the following:
    • Slave . . . . . . the use of the word “enslave” or “enslaved” has yet to come into usage during this time period.

About the Bibliography

The Appalachian Studies Bibliography is compiled by West Virginia University Libraries, Morgantown, W.Va.

The bibliography cumulates the "Annual Bibliography" sections of the  Journal of Appalachian Studies (begun in 1995). It aims to be comprehensive in scope and include all major scholarship for the years indicated.

Entries include:

  • Books and book chapters
  • Journal articles
  • Dissertations 
  • Government documents
  • Newspaper articles
  • Conference papers
  • Music and film, selected

Not included:

Primary source material such as archives and manuscripts