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Access Policy

  1. All visitors must sign in when arriving and out when departing 

  2. Only pencils, laptops, and silenced phones are allowed in the manuscript and rare book reading rooms. All other belongings (food, bags, coats, notebooks, etc.) must be left in the lockers 

  3. Please handle the material with care! Use only one box one folder at a time, maintain original order, no writing on material, or folding items. Clean, dry hands for everyone; white gloves will be provided for patrons using photographs 

  4. Our materials do not circulate and may not be removed from the reading rooms. No WVRHC reference materials are allowed in manuscripts reading room 

  5. A maximum of 10 archival boxes may be requested and used at a time 

  6. Photos of materials may be taken. Researchers agree to the following conditions: 

    1. Confidential materials may not be photographed 

    2. No flash, special lighting, or equipment other than a camera are allowed 

    3. Materials must not be bent, pressed, or otherwise manipulated to get a better photograph, including removing items from plastic sleeves. Large items must be shot in sections. 

    4. Photos will not be published or exhibited without giving proper credit to the WVRHC, nor will they be sold or donated to another repository 

  7. Researchers agree to alert WVRHC staff about the existence of possible confidential information in any paged material that has not previously been identified as confidential 

  8. The WVRHC retains the right to inspect a researcher’s belongings prior to departure. 

  9. Violation of these guidelines is grounds for revocation of permission to use WVRHC collections.