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Camera Use

Permission to photograph archival materials for the sole purpose of private study and research shall be granted on a case-by-case basis. Permission may be granted only by a member of the WVRHC staff. Researchers who have large scale copy needs or who wish to order high quality photographic images may inquire about policies, procedures, and fees at the Reference Desk.

We ask that those wishing to use a camera in the Manuscripts Reading Room fill out our Camera Use Form in advance of their visit. Copies are also available on site.

Researchers in the Manuscripts Reading Room must agree to abide by the following rules to  photograph collections.
Repository Rules

  • I understand that confidential materials may not be photographed
  • I will place the WVRHC acknowledgement transparency within the body of each photograph.
  • I will turn off the flash and sound on my camera and understand that tripods, special lighting equipment, portable scanners, and camera cases are not permitted in the Manuscripts Room.
Material Handling Rules 

  • I understand that archives and manuscripts materials must be handled with extraordinary care and I will not bend, press down, or otherwise manipulate materials to get a better photograph.
  • I will keep materials flat on the table or in the cradle provided.
  • I will ask WVRHC staff for assistance with fastened items.
  • I will not remove items from their plastic sleeves.
  • I will not stand on chairs or other furniture. (Oversize materials should be shot in sections.)
  • I will take photographs at designated tables only.
Rules for Use of Images 

  • I understand that these photographs are for my private study, scholarship and research only.
  • I will not publish photographs nor exhibit them without giving proper credit to the WVRHC.
  • I will not donate, sell, or provide the photographs to another individual or repository.
  • I will conform to United States copyright law (Title 17) in copying and making use of these images.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in the termination of camera privileges.