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The West Virginia and Regional History Center Newsletter is dedicated to disseminating information about the WVRHC and its mission to preserve and provide access to information resources that document the history of West Virginia and the Central Appalachian Region. The newsletters consist of brief scholarly articles, primarily about the holdings of the WVRHC with an emphasis on recent accessions, as well as guides to research and news releases about special projects and activities at the Center. Each issue also contains a selected list of recent acquisitions. The WVRHC Newsletter is distributed free of charge to all current donors to the WVRHC.

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Index of topics in the newsletters (through 2005)

WVRHC Newsletter Index, Volume 1-Volume 20, Spring 1985 - Spring 2005 (PDF). Compiled by Anna M. Schein.

Past Issues

For each issue, the cover story is listed after the issue number and date. If there is more than one long article, both are listed. Each issue contains multiple articles in addition to the feature article on the cover.

v. 33 no. 2 Spring 2018

Papers of Attorney and Secretary of Defense Louis A. Johnson Now Open to Research &
WVRHC Research Grants Assisting Scholars from Around the Globe


v. 33 no. 1 Fall 2017

Ancella Bickley Papers Document the Life and Work of Pioneer Black Educator and Historian


v. 31 no. 1 Fall 2015

Nick Joe Rahall II Papers Elucidate the Life and Times of West Virginia's Longest Serving Congressman


v. 29 no. 2 Spring 2014
Porte Crayon's Clock Now Marking Time at the WVRHC &
Wheeling Intelligencer Online Database Traces West Virginia's Founding

v. 29 no. 1 Fall 2013
An All-Around Artist: Virginia B. Evans

v. 28 no. 2 Spring 2013
Birth of West Virginia Revealed through the Papers of its Founders

v. 28 no. 1 Fall 2012
Roy Bird Cook Collections Riches Revealed

v. 27 no. 2 Spring 2012
Exploring the Waitman Barbe Papers

v. 27 no. 1 Fall 2011
The West Virginia Digital Newspaper Project

v. 26 no. 2 Spring 2011
"Make Haste Slowly," Abraham Lincoln Advises: The Francis H. Pierpont Civil War Telegram Series

v. 26 no. 1 Fall 2010
West Virginia's Other "Mr. Basketball": The Clair Bee Collection

v. 25 no. 2 Spring 2010
The Samuel Jackson - George Washington Surveyor's Compass

v. 25 no. 1 Fall 2009
Melville Davisson Post Papers Elucidate a Man of Many Mysteries

v. 24 no. 2 Spring 2009
The John Brown Raid: "Notes by an Eyewitness" Preserved in the Regional History Collection

v. 24 no. 1 Fall 2008
Don Knotts Collection Documents Life of an American Icon

v. 23 no. 2 Spring 2008
A Dog, a Gun and Time Enough, The George Bird Evans Collection

v. 23 no. 1 Fall 2007
Matewan Trial Transcript Offers Eyewitness Accounts of Mine Wars "O.K. Corral"

v. 22 no. 2 Spring 2007
Woman's Existence "Difficult" during Gay Nineties Even in Elite Circles: The Jessie Campbell Nave Diaries

v. 22 no. 1 Fall 2006
Robert J. Bennett Collection Opened to Research &
From the Airwaves to the Archives to the Stage; 'It's Wheeling Steel' Lives Again

v. 21 no. 2 Spring 2006
Miners' Hospital Records Document Coalfield Healthcare

v. 21 no. 1 Fall 2005
Desperately Seeking Sherlock Holmes! The IAI Collection

v. 20 no. 2 Spring 2005
An Early West Virginia Imprint

v. 20 no. 1 Fall 2004
A.D. Hopkins Letters Elucidate the Beginnings of Forest Entomology in America &
Music Research Resources in the West Virginia and Regional History Collection

v. 19 no. 2 Spring 2004
From Fairmont to the Whitney: The Art of Richard Kidwell Miller

v. 19 no. 1 Fall 2003
Lenna Lowe Yost Archives Chronicle the Woman Suffrage Movement in State and Nation

v. 18 no. 2 Spring 2003
OLO Films Afford Eyewitness View of Natural Gas Industry History

v. 18 no. 1 Fall 2002
The West Virginia and Regional History Collection's "Homecoming"

v. 17 no. 2 Spring 2002
"Stonewall" Jackson Family Photo Album Provides Glimpse of Prominent West Virginia Clan

v. 17 no. 1 Fall 2001
The "Sensational Story" of Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller

v. 16 no. 2 Spring 2001
Ward Engineering Guide Boon to Study of West Virginia Maritime History

v. 16 no. 1 Fall 2000
Early Morgantown Ledger/Scrapbook Holds Clues, Mysteries, and Musings

v. 15 no. 2 Spring 2000
Jesse Stuart Collection Elucidates Existence in W-Hollow

v. 15 no. 1 Fall 1999
West Virginia Collection Holds the Keys to Unlocking the New Millennium

v. 14 no. 2 Spring 1999
Goldstein Papers Chronicle the "Coalfield Clinics"

v. 14 no. 1 Fall 1998
DeBussey Family Correspondence Documents Civil War Experiences of Jackson County Brothers

v. 13 no. 2 Spring 1998
Breece D'J Pancake Papers Preserve Legacy of Leading Modern Regionalist Author

v. 13 no. 1
not published

v. 12
not published

v. 11 no. 1-2 Fall 1996-Spring 1997
End of an Era at West Virginia Collection

v. 10 no. 3 Fall 1995
Benefit Concert for the West Virginia Collection Sound Archives

v. 10 no. 2 Fall 1994
West Virginia Day 1994

v. 10 no. 1 Spring 1994
Lewisburg Ledger Brings Frontier Era to Life

v. 9 no. 3 Fall/Winter 1993
Harley O. Staggers Papers Offer Slice of American History

v. 9 no. 2 Summer 1993
West Virginia Day 1993 Focuses Upon "Land of Plenty"

v. 9 no. 1 Spring 1993
Iron Furnace Ledgers Document Pioneer Regional Industry

v. 8 no. 3 Fall/Winter 1992
"Glory" Officer's Journal Featured Among Recent Civil War Accessions

v. 8 no. 2 Summer 1992
Five Presidents Offer Perspectives at 1992 West Virginia Day Forum

v. 8 no. 1 Spring 1992
"It's Wheeling Steel; The Original Employee Family Broadcast," Radio Program Archives Donated to Regional History Collection

v. 7 no. 3 Fall/Winter 1991
The James Edward Davis Collection

v. 7 no. 2 Summer 1991
"Indians, Explorers and Pioneers," West Virginia Day 1991

v. 7 no. 1 Spring 1991
West Virginia's Pioneer Industry; Salt Making in the Kanawha Valley

v. 6 no. 3 Fall/Winter 1990
Window Glass Cutters League Records Now Open for Research

v. 6 no. 2 Summer 1990
West Virginia Day 1990 &
Excellence Through Equity

v. 6 no. 1 Spring 1990
Physician's Daybook Documents Antebellum Medicine in Randolph County

v. 5 no. 3 Fall/Winter 1989
Pearl Buck Papers Reflect Author's Concern Over International Racial Relations

v. 5 no. 2 Summer 1989
Educating All the People?

v. 5 no. 1 Spring 1989
Blanche Lazzell Papers Document Artist's Career

v. 4 no. 3 Fall/Winter 1988
Brooks Collection Documents Early West Virginia Ornithology

v. 4 no. 2 Summer 1988
Second Annual West Virginia Day Celebration Honors State's 125 Years &
WVU Sixty Years Ago and Memories of Louis Watson Chappell

v. 4 no. 1 Spring 1988
Civil War Letter Provides Close Look at Military Life

v. 3 no. 3 Fall/Winter 1987
Little Kanawha River: Once Alive with Riverboats

v. 3 no. 2 Summer 1987
The West Virginia Historical Records Survey &
Inventory to the Historical Records Survey Archives on Microfilm

v. 3 no. 1 Spring 1987
Moreland Papers Chronicle Leading Family's Role in Area History

v. 2 no. 3 Fall/Winter 1986
John W. Davis Papers Donated to Collection

v. 2 no. 2 Summer 1986
Dutch Engraving of Smith's 'Map of Virginia' Acquired by Collection

v. 2 no. 1 Spring 1986
"Porte Crayon" Papers Afford Close Look at Civil War and Early West Virginia &
The Strother Collection

v. 1 no. 3 Fall 1985
Confederate Map and Letter Illustrate Battle and Hardships of Military Life

v. 1 no. 2 Summer 1985
Patrick W. Gainer Folklore Archives Donated to Collection

v. 1 no. 1 Spring 1985
Edden Hammons Collection Offers Vintage Fiddle Music to Public