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List of Unindexed Collections


C334 R407 Julia Davis Collection
Princeton, Mercer County NJ. December 3 1985. In an interview conducted by George
Parkinson, Julia Davis recalls her life in Clarksburg and her career as a writer. She discusses some of her books, including The Shenandoah, Stonewall, Legacy of Love, and one about the Lewis and Clark Expedition. One reel, 7" 3 3/4. Index terms:
Davis, Julia
WV Debt
Berkeley County
Jefferson County
McDonald, Marshall
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Percy
McDonald, Edward
McDonald, John
Black Hand Society
Hatfield, "Devil" Anse
McCoy family
Parkinson, George
New Jersey, Princeton

C335 R408 Will Selman
Cowen, Webster County. October 27 1973. In an interview conducted by Thomas S. Brown, Will Selman relates murder stories from his locality. One reel 5" 3 3/4. Notes available.
Index terms:
Selman, Will,
Brown, Thomas S.
Murder Stories
Young, Henry
Webster County, Cowen

C336 R408 Evelyn Boggs
Cowen, Webster County. October 27 1973. In an interview conducted by Thomas S. Brown, Evelyn Boggs relates ghost story. One Reel 5" 3 3/4. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Boggs, Evelyn,
Brown, Thomas S.
Webster County, Cowen.

C337 R408 Austin Selman
Cowen, Webster County. October 27 1973. In an interview conducted by Thomas S. Brown, Mr. Selman relates ghost stories, murder stories, and folklore. Selman’s friend Roy Boggs tells a tale or two. One reel 5" 3 3/4. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Selman, Austin
Brown,  S. Thomas
Webster County, Cowen
Ghosts and apparitions
Flemings, Cal f
Mullins Family
Boggs, Roy

C338 R409-R413 1976 UMWA Convention/Constitutional Convention
Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH. September 23-October 1 1976. These tapes accompany TV coverage by WWVU-TV. Bill Jaker conducts interviews with Arnold Miller, Harry Patrick, Lee Roy Patterson, Mike Trbovich, Louis Antal, Ron Statler, and some delegates in addition to proceedings of the convention. Two reels 7" 7 1/2 and Three Reels 5" 7 1/2. Notes available.
Index Terms:
UMWA District 5
UMWA District 31
UMWA District 20
Miller, Arnold
Patrick, Harry
Trbovich, Mike
Antal, Lewis
Statler, Ron
Lewis, John L.
Patterson, Lee Roy
Jaker, Bill
Moore, Delphine
Norris, Charles
Hamrick, Fred
Martin, Ear
Tennant, Clifton
Lyle, J.L
Schmelzenbach, Bill
Tetrick, Mark A.
Hendricks, Troy
Lewis, John L.
Patterson, Lee Roy

C339 R414-R416 Ben Schull Collection
Marion, Williamson County, Ill. December 10, 1976. An interview conducted by Barbara Herndon with Ben Schull, Director of the Department of Mines & Minerals in Springfield Illinois. Mr. Schull extensively relates coal industry history, culture, working conditions, and labor organization in Illinois. Three reels, 7" 3 3/4. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Schull, Ben
Herndon, Barbara
Halbert, Walter
McFadden, Joe
Straton, William
Collin, Stewart
Lewis Howard
Lewis, John L.
Fergrison, Charlie
Holmes, Jack(Robert)
Hartshorn, W.G.
Meehen, Harry
White Phil,
Swallers' Coal Mine
Economy Coal Mine
Peabody #3 Coal Mine
Cosgrove Meehen Coal Company
Stewarts Coal Mine
Old Ben Coal Company
Blue Blaze Coal Mine
Kelly Coal Mine
Eastside Coal Mine
Searls Coal Company,
Freeman Coal Company #3
Waltonville Coal Mine
Binkley Coal Company
Paulton Coal Mine
Pyramid Mine
Peabody #18
United Electric Coal Company  
Coal mines and mining-mechanization
Coal mines and mining-grievances
Coal mines and mining-equipment
Coal mines and mining-supplies
Coal mines and mining-terminology
Coal mines and mining- wages and hours
Coal mines and mining-job description
Coal mines and mining-economic aspects
Coal mines and mining-safety measures
Coal mines and mining-management
Coal mines and mining-contract system
Coal mines and mining-punch mines
Coal mines and mining-electrical equipment
Coal mines and mining-study and teaching
Coal mines and mining-baseball
Coal mines and mining-bathhouses
Schools-one room
Illinois Springfield
Unions-pit committee
Progressive Mine Workers Of America
United Mine Workers of America
Coal mines and mining-terminology
Coal mines and mining-equipment and supplies
Coal mines and mining-safety measures
Coal mines and mining-wages and hours
Lewis, John L.
Lewis, Howard
Tabor, Joe
Illinois, Pinckneyville
Cosgrove Meehen Coal Company
Binkley Coal Company
Straton, William

C340 R417 John Boresi Collection
Illinois. August 14 1975.  An interview by (unknown) with Mr. Boresi, a retired coal miner, concerning his life as an immigrant to the coalfields in Illinois and his family history.
One reel. 5" 1 7/8.
Index Terms:
Boresi, John
Coal mines and mining-wages and hours
Coal mines and mining-strikes
Coal mines and mining-1923
Coal mines and mining-bathhouses
Coal mines and mining-mules
Coal mines and mining-mechanization
Progressive Mine Workers of America
United Mine Workers of America
Santa Fe Coal Company

C341 R418-R422 Joe Ozanic Collection
Mt Olive, MaCoupin County, Illinois. March 21, circa late 1970's. An interview with Joe Ozanic, labor organizer and former president, of Progressive Mine Workers International Union, conducted by Barbara Herndon, for Historical Researchers Inc. Taking place in his labor history museum, Mr. Ozanic relates labor union history and family history. Five reels 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Ozanic, Joe
Herdon Barbara
Illinois, Mt. Olive
UMWA-Convention -1931-Indianapolis
Lewis, John L
National Bituminous Coal Operators Association
UMWA-District 12
International Executive Board
Local 728
Illinois, Gillespie
Progressive Mine Workers of America
Humphrey, Byran
Sparta Coal Mine
Illinois, Coulterville
Progressive Mine Workers of America-Women's Auxiliary
Jones, Mary H (Mother)
Progressive Mine Workers of America-Local #35
Illinois, Williamson Count
Illinois, Zeigler
Illinois, Herrin
Illinois, Pinckneyville
Colbert, Joe
Peabody #8 Coal Mines
Peabody Coal Company
National Industrial Recovery Act
Illinois, Taylorville
Robinson, Browning
Illinois, Christian County
Illinois, Mulkeytown
Illinois, Franklin County
Consolidated #15 Coal Mine
Coal Mines and Mining-Strikes-1932
Coal Mines and Mining-1937
Coal Mines and Mining-Mantrip
Madison Coal Company
Coal Mining Machinery-Joy Loader
Heinmarsh, John
Green, George
Meany, George
American Federation of Labor
National Labor Relations Act
Marciando, John
Coal Mines and Mining-job descriptions
Hoosier Coal Mine
Stauton Loan Association
Coal Mines and Mining-terminology
Jenkins, Walter
Weisenborn, Fred
Kuntz, Ben
Consolidated #8 Coal Mine
Reed, Dave
National Labor Relations Board
Kelley Creek Coal Mine
West Virginia-Logan,
Edmundson, Ray
Virden, Battle (Virdon Riots?)
Bradley, General
Pennsylvania, Shamokin
Progressive Mine Workers of America-District #1
Wage Stabilization Board
Grey, Dewey
Hefferly, Frank
UMWA-District 15
UMWA-District 17
Hughes, Fox
Illinois, Mulkeytown
Illinois, Taylorville
Illinois, Christian County
Lewis, John L
Kuntz, Ben
Green, George
Hoosier Coal Mine

C342 R423 Jim Comstock Collection
Richwood, Nicholas County, WV. No date. An interview with Jim Comstock, editor of The West Virginia Hillbilly, conducted by Carl Fleischhauer, reviewing the history of The Hillbilly and some problems keeping it going. One reel. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Comstock, Jim
Fleischauer, Carl
Nicholas, County Richwood
Newsleader (newspaper)
Newsletter (newspaper)
Nicholas Republican
Hillbilly (newspaper)
Surface Mining Association

C343 R424-R428 John Fancher
John Fancher (Location unknown) @1975.  An interview with John Fancher, former vice president of the PMWA in Illinois, conducted bu Barbara Herndon. Mr. Fancher relates personal history and history of the PMWA. Five Reels. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Herndon, Barbara
Lewis, John L.
Gett, Joe
Ansbury, Pat
Taylor, Jack
Thrush, Loyd
Stewart, Mother
Hughes, Arthur
Howett, Alexander
Davis, Captain E.C.
McGill, Dan
Maybe, Ed
Boisey, Mary
Keck, William
Barnes, Jack
Edmundson, Ray
Percy, Claude
Bolt, Dean
Ozanic, Joe
Dudley, I.O.
Humphrey, Byran
Miller, Arnold
Wicks, Agnes Burns
Coal Mines and Mining-picketing
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-top boss
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-dock boss
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-1917
Coal Mines and Mining-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-sit down
Coal Mines and Mining-explosives
Coal miners-executive pardon
Old Ben #15 Coal Mine
Woodside Coal Mine
American Federation of Labor
Independent Miners Union
UMWA-Ballot Stealing
UMWA-District 12
UMWA-reorganized movement
UMWA-white card movement
PMWA-Local 12
PMWA-Women=s Auxiliary
Peerless Coal Mine
Lewmerken Coal Corporation
AProgressive Miner@ (newspaper)
Save the Union Movement
Garfield Agreement
Black Lung
Moonshine and moonshining
Illinois, Herrin
Illinois, Springfield
Illinois, Pinckneyville
Illinois, Mulkeytown
Illinois, Gillespie
Illinois, Springfield-bomb trial
Kentucky, Harlan County
Alabama, Bibb County
Alabama, Shelby County
Alabama, Tent City
Progressive Mine Workers of America Women’s Auxiliary
Lewis, John L.
Stewart, Mother
Edmundson, Ray

C344 R429-R430 Dr. Earl Core
Morgantown, Monongalia County WV 1983. In an interview conducted by Dr. George Parkinson, Dr. Earl Core relates his school history from one room schools through university, emphasizing differences in the 1930's. Two reels. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Core, Dr. Earl
Parkinson, Dr. George
Pyles, Maude
Campbell, Alexander
Core, Carl
Garrison, Freda
Pietro, Tony
Ryan, Dr. Joseph Banks
West Virginia University-history
West Virginia University- botany
West Virginia University-faculty life
West Virginia University-faculty retirement
West Virginia University-student life
West Virginia University-ROTC
West Virginia University-research
Monongalia County-Morgantown
Monongalia County-Morgantown-Italians
Monongalia County-Core
Monongalia County-Scotts Run
Morgantown High School
Teachers and teaching-wages and hours
Schools-one room
Schools-social life
Disciples of Christ Church
Coal Miners-community life
Columbia University
New York Botanical Gardens
Castanca (journal)

C345 R431-R432 George W. Chapman
Probably Webster County, WV. July 1952. An interview conducted by BB Chapman; George W. Chapman recalls school days beginning in 1878 and his experiences as a teacher, as deputy Sheriff, and as Justice of The Peace in Webster County from 1920-1940. Two reels 7". 7 1/2.
Index Terms:
Chapman, George W.
Chapman, Dr. Berlin  B.
Webster County-Politics-1920-1940
Webster County-Point Mountain
Teachers and Teaching-wages and hours
Loggers and Logging
Chestnut timber

C346 R433 Dr. Norbitt Kelly WV Welfare Conference 1955
Location unspecified. April 21 and 22 1955. At the West Virginia Welfare conference, Dr. Kelly states that alcoholism is a family illness; that West Virginia needs to adopt treatment programs. One reel. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Kelly, Dr. Norbitt
West Virginia Welfare Conference-1955
Alcoholism-economic aspects
Alcoholism-social aspects
Alcoholism-family aspects
Mental Illinois-Alcoholism

C347 R434 Dr. Kirtpatrick WV Welfare Conference 1955
Location unspecified. April 21 and 22 1955. At the 1955 West Virginia Welfare Conference,  Dr Kirkpatrick talks about industrial management problems and social welfare goals. One reel. 7" 3 3/4.
Index terms:
Kirkpatrick, Dr.
West Virginia Welfare Conference -1955
Industrial Management Problems

C348 R435 Mr. Shottland WV Welfare Conference 1955
Location unspecified. April 21 and 22 1955. At the West Virginia Welfare Conference, Social Security Commissioner Mr. Shottland, talks about welfare programs and social work. One reel/. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Shottland, Mr.
West Virginia Welfare Conference-1955
Welfare Programs-income maintenance
Welfare Programs-children
Welfare Programs-disability
Welfare Programs-adoption
Juvenile Delinquency
Social Work

C349 R436-R438 Lillian Majally Collection
Morgantown, Monongalia county WV. August 14 1986 and October 17 1986. An interview with Lillian Majally, conducted by Barbara Howe and George Parkinson; concerning her life and work with local, state, and national service organizations. Three reels. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Majally, Lillian T.
Howe, Barbara
Parkinson, George
Long, John
Thompson, Anna Whipperman
Barley Foods
Air Raids
Churches-African American
Depression (1930's)
Morgan County Berkeley Springs-1930
Senior Citizens-Organizations
Crippled Children’s Foundation
Save the Children Project
Office of Civilian Defense
Post War Planning Council
War Salvage Program
Community Development Program
Women’s Organizations
Women-roles in society
Business and Professional Women
American Medical Women’s Association
Schools-African American
Schools-two room
WAJR Radio Station -1940
Unity Manor
Women Discrimination
Morgantown -1900-1940
Office of Civilian Defense

C350 R439-R443 Hominy Falls Mine Disaster
Probably Nicholas County, Hominy Falls and/or Richwood. May 1968.
Survivors of the mine disaster relate their experiences with the flooding and electric wires, the week of captivity, and their faith in survival. Sound fair to poor. Reel 442 is only Richwood history. Five reels. 7" 7 1/2.
Index Terms:
Coal mines and Machinery-mantrip
Coal Mines and Mining-disasters
Coal Mines and Mining-terminology
Nicholas County-Richwood
Nicholas County-Hominy Falls
Nicholas County-Summersville
Moore, Larry
Carper, Frank
McClung, Renick
Martin, Gene
Black Damp
Christian - born again

C351 R444 Rockwell Women USWA Collection
Morgantown, Monongalia County WV. May 13 1974. In this interview conducted by Keith Dix, four employees of Rockwell International (Beatrice Watkins, Eleanor Baine, Bonnie Prett, Joyce Dalton) discuss their stewards. One reel. 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Watkins, Beatrice
Baine, Eleanor
Pratt, Bonnie
Dalton, Joyce
United Steelworkers of America
Unions-Grievance Procedures
Rockwell International
Monongalia County-Morgantown
Unions-Stewards and stewardesses

C352 R445 United Steel Workers of America. Morgantown, Monongalia County. May 30 1974. An interview with two steelworkers of Rockwell International, conducted by Keith Dix, discussing stewards and working conditions. One reel 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
United Steelworkers of America
Steelworkers-working conditions
Steelworkers-job description
Monongalia County-Morgantown
Unions-Stewards and stewardesses
C353 R446 Al Spiker Collection
Morgantown, Monongalia County May 22 1074. An interview with Al Spiker, section boss of Humphrey #7Coal mine and former chairperson of Safety Committee, conducted buy Keith Dix. One reel. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Spiker, Al
Dix, Keith
Coal Mines and Mining
Coal Mines and Mining-hiring
Coal Mines and Mining-bossing school
Coal Mines and Mining-absenteeism
Coal Mines and mining-production standards
Coal Mines and Mining-inspection
Coal miners-women
Humphrey #7 Mine
Monongalia County-Morgantown
Consolidated Coal Company

C354 R447 E.D. Ryan Collection
Morgantown, Monongalia County June 5 1974. An interview with E.D. Ryan, a coal miner, conducted by Keith Dix. Concerns coal mining at Federal #2 and Arkwright Coal Mines. One Reel 7" 3 3/4. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Ryan, E.D.
Dix, Keith
Eastern Associated Coal Company
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Arkwright Coal Mine
Harris, Anthony
Coal Mines and Mining-safety measures
Coal Mines and Mining-production standards
Coal Mines and Mining-section foreman
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-bathhouses
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-shot firer
Coal Miners-attitudes
Coal Miners-absenteeism
Coal Miners-Vietnam Conflict Veterans
Unions and Unionization-safety committees
Coal miners-age differences
Vietnam Conflict Veterans
Monongalia county-Morgantown
Consolidation Coal Company

C355 R448 Elmer "Buck" Yocum Collection
Monongalia County. June 17 1974. An interview with Elmer Yocum, former Chairman of Safety Committee at Humphrey #7 Coal Mine, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Yocum discusses coal ming history and union contracts. One reel 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Yocum, Elmer Buck
Dix, Keith
Humphrey #7 Coal Mine
Christopher, Frank
Long, Pete
Coal Mines and Mining-history
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-rotation
Coal Mines Machinery-shuttle car
Coal Mines and Machinery-continuous mining machine
UMWA-contracts-mutual agreement clause
UMWA-contracts-ready, wiling & able clause
Unions and unionization-safety committees
Unions and unionization-mine committees
Monongalia County-Maidsville
Consolidation Coal Company

C356 R449-R450 George Thomas Collection
Monongalia County. June 18 1974. An interview with George Thomas, former chairman of the mine committee of Federal #2 Coal Mines, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Thomas discusses wildcat strikes Management, age, and attitude differences in the mine. Two reels 7" 3 3/4.
(Note: R450 begins at 7 1/2 then changes to 3 3/4)
Index Terms:
Thomas, George
Dix, Keith
Morris, Dave,
Harris Anthony
Eastern Associated Coal Company
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Monongalia County
Coal Mines and mining-management
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-picketing
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-bomb threats
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-safety measures
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-sabotage
Coal Mines and Mining-production standards
Col Miners-age differences
Coal Mines and Mining-attitudes
Coal Mine Machinery-long wall machine

C357 R450 John Raddish Collection
Monongalia County. June 24 1974. An interview with John Raddish, a young coal miner at Humphrey #7 Coal Mine, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Raddish discusses wildcat strikes, age,  and attitude differences, and absenteeism. One reel 7" 3 3/4. (Note: tape begins at 7 1/2 then changes speed)
Index terms:
Raddish, John
Did, Keith
Johnson, Charlie
Humphrey #7 Coal Mine
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-safety measures
Union grievance procedures-meetings
Union grievance procedures-umpire system
Coal Miners-absenteeism
Coal Miners-age difference
Coal Miners-attitudes

C358 R451 Jim Thomas Collection
Place of interview unknown. July 15 1974. An interview with Jim Thomas, boss for Eastern Coal Associates at Federal #2 Coal Mine, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Thomas discusses management, wildcat strikes. One reel both sides 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Thomas, Jim
Did, Keith
Williams, Steve
Eastern Associated Coal Company
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Coal Mines and Mining-Management
Coal Mines and Mining-Strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-safety measures
Coal Mines and Mining-bossing school
Clinchfield Coal Company
Coal Miners-attitudes
Coal Miners-absenteeism
Coal Miners-age differences
Unions-grievance procedures

C359 R452 Will "Butch" Wolford Collection
Morgantown, Monongalia. September 19 1974. An interview with Butch Wolford, coal miner at Humphrey #7 Coal Mines, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Wolford describes a safety violation incident and grievance procedure. One reel 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Wolford, Will Butch
Did, Keith
Humphrey #7 Coal Mine
Monongalia County- Morgantown
UMA - district 31
Coal Mining Machinery-continuous mining machine
Coal Miners-attitudes
Coal Miners-training
Unions-grievance procedures-safety
Union and unionization-safety committees
Coal Mines and Mining-safety regulations
Coal Mines and Mining-terminology
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-roofbolter
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-shot firer
Coal Mines and Mining-laws and legislation
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-explosives
Coal Mines and Mining-labor productivity
Coal Mines and Mining-safety violations
Consolidation Coal Company

C360 R453-454 Bob Crigler Collection
Mt. Morris, Greene County, Pennsylvania. October 8 1974. An interview with Bob Crigler, a young coal miner at Blackville #1 coal mine, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Crigler discusses the mines, wildcat strikes, a fire accident. Two reels 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Crigler, Bob
Did, Keith
North, Willy
Stoneking, Terry
Pennsylvania-Mount Morris
Blacksville # 1
Humphrey #7
Coal Miners-age difference
Coal Miners-attitudes
Coal Miners-training
Coal Mines and Mining-management
Coal Mines and Mining-bossing school
Coal Mines and Mining- strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Ming-fire protection
Coal Mines and Mining-labor productivity
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-roofbolter
Unions-grievance and procedures

C361 R454 Elliot Crigler Collection
Mount Morris, Greene County, Pennsylvania. October 7 1974. An interview with Elliot Crigler, a retired miner, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Crigler discusses mining at Pursglove and Arkwright mines, mining in the 1930's. One reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Crigler, Keith
Pursglove Coal Mine
Bertha Coal Mine
Arkwright Coal Mine
Consolidation Coal Company
Lewis, John L.
Coal Mines and Mining-history-1930
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-hand loader
Coal Mines and Mining-crews
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-violent
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-benefits
Coal miners-age differences

C362 R455 Margaret Dean, Joann Fontaine, Noema Jean Louk
Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia. October 24 1974. An interview conducted by Keith Dix of three glassworkers discussing shop stewards and grievances. One reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dean, Margaret
Loul, Norma Jean
Fontaine, JoAnn
Dix, Keith
Brockway Glass (Clarksburg)
Glassmakers and glassmaking
Unions-grievance procedures
Unions-stewards and stewardesses

C363 R456 Public Radio Strike Collection
Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. August-September 1975. National Pubic Radio program on wildcat strikes with input from UMA president Arnold Miller, Bituminous coal operators assoc. President Joseph Brennen, President of Union local Fred Tucker, and WVU=s Institute for Labor Studies Keith Dix. One reel 5" 3 3/4.
C364 R457 John Bigler Collection
Index Terms:
Miller, Arnold
Brennen, Joseph
Dix, Keith
Tucker, Fred
Kanawha County-Charleston
National Public Radio
Bituminous Coal Operators Association
UMWA-District 31
WVU-Institute for Labor Studies
Industrial relations
Coal Mines and Mining-Strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-Committee to Defend Right To Strike
Unions-grievance procedures

C364 R457 John Bigler
Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia. January 29 1975. An interview with John Bigler, coal miner at Loveridge Coal Mine, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Bigler describes how he started a strike. One reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Bigler, John
Dix, Keith,
Loveridge Coal Mine
Marion county-Fairmont
Consolidation Coal Company
Coal Mine Health and Safety Act
Humphrey #7 Coal Mine
Unions-Grievance Procedures
Coal Mines and mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-motormen
Coal Mines and Mining-management
Unions and unionization-mine committees
Unions and unionization-safety committees

C365 R458 Paul Lemasters Collection
Jackson’s Mill, Lewis County, West Virginia.  December 11 1975. An interview with Paul Lemasters president of Union Local #27, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Lemasters relates his involvement with the committee to defend the right to strike. One reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Lemasters, Paul
Dix, Keith
Dadisman, Tom
Miller, Bruce
Marion County-Grant Town
Lewis County-Jackson’s Mill
Pittston Coal Company
Martinka # 1 Coal Min
Clinchfield Coal Mine
Southern Ohio Coal Company
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-violence
Coal Mines and Mining-picketing
Coal Mines and Mining-Committee to Defend Right to Strike
UMWA-District 31
UMWA-District 29
UMWA-District 17

C366 R459 Ed Corral, Gary Asher Collection
Jackson’s Mill, Lewis County, West Virginia. December 11 1975. An interview with Ed Corral and Gary Asher, Mine Committee at Federal #1, discussing problems between Federal #1 and Federal #2 conducted by Keith Dix. Poor sound due to background noise. One Reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Corral, Ed
Asher, Gary
Dix, Keith
Eastern Coal Association
Federal #1 Coal Mine
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Marion county-Grant Town
Coal Mines and Mining-Strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-management

C367 R460 Charles Sponsler Collection
Location not specified, January 4 1976. An interview with Charles Sponsler, Assistant Mine Foreman at Martinka #1 Coal Mine, conducted by Keith Dix. (Note: this tape speeds up at one point and becomes unintelligible) One reel 5" 3 3/4-1 7/8.
Index Terms:
Sponsler, Charles
Dix, Keith
Martinka #1 Coal Mine
Industrial relations
Coal Mines and Mining-age differences
Coal Mines and Mining-management
Unions and unionization-safety committees
Unions and unionization-mine committees

C368 R461 Federal #2 Strike S1: Statler Crow  S2: Parker
Location Unknown, February 18-20 1976. An interview with Statler & Crow discussing the strike form the district’s point of view, at Federal #2 Coal Mine Wildcat Strike, conducted by Keith Dix. One Reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Crow, Burdette
Statler, Ronnie
Dix, Keith
Parker, Charles
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Unions-Grievance procedures
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-picketing
Coal Mines and Mining-job description
Coal Mines and Mining-loading machine operator
Coal Mines and Mining-absenteeism
Coal Mines and Mining-job turnover
Coal Mines and Mining-accidents
Blacksville #1 Coal Mine
Consolidation Coal Company
Ayres, Wayne
Caurso, Jim

C369 R462 Federal #2 Strike Charles Parker
Location unknown, February 18-20 1976. An interview with Charlie Parker, chairman of the mine committee at Federal #2 Coal Mine Wildcat Strike, conducted by Keith Dix. Two reels
5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Parker, Charles
Crow, Birdette
Statler, Ronnie
Ayers, Wayne
Caruso, Jim
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Riggin, Barbara
Unions-Grievance Procedure
Blacksville #1 Coal Mine
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-job description
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-loading machine
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-gunnite machine
Coal Mines and Mining-job turnover
Coal Mines and Mining-bomb threats
Coal Mines and Mining-radio
Coal Mines and Mining-picketing
Coal Mines and Mining-absenteeism
Eastern Coal Association

C370 R463 Federal #2 Strike Jim Caruso
Location unknown, February 18-20 1976. Jim Caruso, superintendent of Federal #2, discusses wildcat strike. Interview conducted by Keith Dix. One Reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Parker, Charles
Ayers, Wayne
Caruso, Jim
Blacksville #1 Coal Mine
Eastern Coal Association
Unions-Grievance Procedure
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-absenteeism
Coal Mines and Mining-job turnover
Coal Mines and Mining-bomb threats

C371 R464 Federal #2 Strike Wayne Ayers
Location Unknown, February 18-20 1976. Keith Dix interviews Wayne Ayers plaintiff of the grievance of the wildcat strike. One Reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Crow, Burdette
Statler, Ronnie
Dix, Keith
Parker, Charles
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Unions-Grievance procedures
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-picketing
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-loading machine operator
Coal Mines and Mining-absenteeism
Coal Mines and Mining-job turnover
Coal Mines and Mining-bomb threats
Blacksville #1 Coal Mine
Consolidation Coal Company
Ayres, Wayne
Caurso, Jim

C372 R465 Loveridge Strike 1975
Location Unknown, December 11 1976. An interview with several miners from Loveridge and Martinka Mines discussion the 1975 Strike, absenteeism, other issues. June Floyd talks about District 31. Conducted by Keith Dix. One Reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Floyd, June
Lewis, John
Federal #2 Coal Mine
Loveridge coal Mine
Martinka Coal Mine
Marion county- Grant Town
Robinson Run Coal Mine
Logan county
Barbour County-Philippi
Coal Mines and Mining-Strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-Strikes-Picketing
Coal Mines and Mining-Strikes-Committee to Defend Right to Strike
Coal Mines and Mining-bomb threats
Coal Mines and Mining-absenteeism
Coal Mines and Mining-explosives
Coal Mines and Mining-management
UMWA-District 31
UMWA-District 6
UMWA-District 17
UMWA-District 29
UMWA-Contracts-Ready, Willing, and Able Clause

C373 R466 Fed. #2 Strike Jim Simox
Rushton, ? March 8 1976. An interview with Jim Simcox, miner conducted by Keith Dix. Discussion includes wildcat strikes and absenteeism. One reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Simcox, Jim
Dix, Keith
Coal Mines and mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-absenteeism
Coal Mines and Mining-section meetings
Coal Mines and Mining-job rotation
Coal Mines and Mining-social life
C374 R467 (number not used)

C375 R468 V.Grant Jordan Loading Machine Operator
Clarksburg, Harrison County. April 26 1978. An interview with V. Grant Jordan; retired loading machine operator, boss, and record making machine loader; conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Jordan extensively details history of mining mechanization and machinery. One Reel ?  3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Jordan V. Grant
Pursglove Coal Service
Joy Manufacturing Company
C And O Fuel Mines
Carbon Fuel Coal Company
Island Creek Coal Company
Consolidation Coal Company
Kentucky-Letcher County-Jenkins
Eunis Coal Mine
Ourings Coal Mine
Alabama -Jefferson County-Birmingham
Wierton Coal Mine
Coal Age (publication)
Coal Miners-Greek
Coal Miners-African Americans
Coal Mines and Machinery-Mechanical Loader-1925-Joy Loader-Mantrip
Coal Mines and Mining-Company Houses
Coal Mines and Mining-carelessness
Coal Mines and Mining-segregation
Coal Mines and Mining-mechanization
Coal Mines and Mining-history
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-safety measures-1930
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-timberman
Coal Mines and Mining job description-gob sow
Coal Mines and Mining-production standards
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-1927
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-1931
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-1945
Coal Mines and Mining-ventilation
Coal Mines and Mining-Foremen’s pension

C376 R469-R470 West Virginia Labor History Coal Workshop Mine Safety Coal Workshop, Berkeley, Raleigh County, West Virginia. @November 1978. A panel discussion moderated  by Lois McLean on changes in mine safety. Panel members are retired miners James Dillard, E.E. Carter, Wiley Erwin, Carl Bunch, Nathan Payne, Richard Carter, Bob Forren. Keith Dix is also present. (See also C261-C265). Two Reels ? ?. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
McLean, Lois
Dillard, James
Carter, E.
Erwin, Wiley
Bunch, Carl
Payne, Nathan ASchoolboy@
Carter, Richard
Forren, Bob
Lookout Coal Mine
Layland Coal Mine
Eccles #5 Coal Mine
Raleigh Coal and Coke Company
Coal Mines and Mining-Baseball
Coal Mines and Mining-Hazards-1920's
Coal Mines and Mining-ventilation
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-history
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-fire boss
Coal Mines and Mining-cutting machine operator
Coal mining machinery-Joy Loader
UMWA-Safety committees
UMWA--District 29

C377 R471-R472 Jeffrey Manufacturing Company
Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. April 6 1979. Keith Dix Reads experts form AMechanical Mining of Coal - Early History and Development of Mining Machinery as Manufactured by the Jeffery Manufacturing Company by Burt G,. Norris. Bid sites devolvement of various types mining machines and persons involved in those developments. Two reels ? ?.
Index Terms:
Jeffery Manufacturing Company
Ohio-Franklin County-Columbus
Bratner, Jack
Hopkins, E.L.
Welch, Charles
Fisher, Dudley
Mitchell, Jonas F.
Letchner, Francis M.
Levin, N.D.
Muhler, George A.
Jones, James Elwood
Joy, Joseph Francis
O’ Tole, Col. Edward
Morgan, Edmund C.
Hamilton, W.W.
Newdick, Norton
Lewis, Ed
Jeffery, Joseph Andrew
Jeffery, Robert Kilborn
Trotter, Walter F.
Norris, Burt G.
Old Ben Coal Corporation
Pittsburgh Coal Company
Jamison Coal Company
Island Creek Coal Company
US Coal and Coke Company
Cranberry Ful Company
Bailey Wood Coal Company
Summers #2 Coal Mine
Letchner Manufacturing Company
Coal Mining Machinery-Universal Coal Cutter
Coal Mining Machinery-Jeffery Chain Coal Cutter
Coal Mining Machinery-Letchner Cutter bar Machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Longwall Machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Shearing machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Brest cutting Machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Shortwall loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Semi-Longwall machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Costs and prices
Coal Mining Machinery-Pit car loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Jones Coal Loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Jeffery Loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Cutting and loading machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Goodman Shortwall machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Arcwall machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Morgan Entry Driver
Coal Mining Machinery-Hamilton Conveyor
Coal Mining Machinery-Coon Cutter
Coal Mining Machinery-Compressed Air Coal Puncher

C378 R473 Herman Van Houten (Joy Manufacturing)
Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania. July 27 1979. An interview with Mr. Van Houten of Joy Manufacturing Company, conducted by Keith Dix; concerning the development of The Joy Loader and personal history of Joseph Joy. One Reel ? ?
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Van Houten, Herman
PA- Venango -County -Franklin
Joy Manufacturing company
Joy, Joseph Francis
Joy Brothers Inc.
Joy, Dewey
Joy, George
Joy, Wilbur
Worley, Bill
Warner, Ed
Jeffery Manufacturing Company
Pittsburgh Coal Company
Donaldson, John
Traylor Engineering Company
Charleroi Ironworks
McNab, tom J.
Lewis, John L.
Morgan, Edmund C.
Sullivan Machine Company
Garsha, John
Coal Mines and Mining-Mechanization-Russia
Norris, Burt G.
Coal Mining Machinery-Testing
Coal Mining Machinery-Product Liability
Coal Mining Machinery-Coasts and Prices
Coal Mining Machinery-Jeffery Shuttle Car
Coal Mining Machinery-Morgan Loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Sullivan Saw Loader

C379 R474 Mike Murphy
Barrackville, Marion County, West Virginia. October 12 1979. An interview with Mike Murphy, retired coal mechanic foreman, conducted by Keith Dix. Mr. Murphy talks about attitudes of miners toward mechanization, different types of loading machines, mine terms. One Reel ? ?.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Murphy, Mike
Marion County-Barrackville
Consolidation Coal Company
Bethlehem Coal Mine
Rachael Coal Mine
Joy Manufacturing Company
Widen Coal Mine
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-pick miner
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-shooter
Coal Mines and Mining-study and teaching
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-history-
Coal Mines and Mining-labor productivity
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-mechanization
Coal Mines and Mining-terminology-hunky-athlete’s heart-dogholes-looper
Coal Mining machinery-Joy loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Continuous Mining machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Jeffery loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Goodman loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Jeffery shuttle car
Coal Mining Machinery-Sullivan Shortwall machine

C380 R475-R477 USWA Local #12757 FMC
Nitro, Kanawha County, West Virginia. November 1979. A class conducted by Keith Dix on collective bargaining. Members of USWA Local #12757 of the FMC plant in Nitro discuss their contract language and negotiations. Three reels ?.
Index Terms:
USWA-local 12757
Dix, Keith
Williams, Mike
Jones, Ernest
Becker, Paul
Werner, Arnold
Young, Charlie
Ratcliff, Larry
Quin, Pat
Unions-grievance procedure

C381 R478-R480 Coal History Workshop
Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia. November 1979. Workshop presentation on coal, emphasizing history of the industry and unionization in WV, Mother Jones political activities, Joseph F. Joys contribution to mechanization. Three Reels ?.
Index Terms:
Coal History Workshop-Beckley
Raleigh County-Beckley
Coal Road
Gem of Egypt
Wyoming County-tipple
Fayette County-Pax
Kanawha county-Dry Branch
Socialist Party
Farmer Labor Party
We Shall Not Be Moved
Those West Virginia Hills
Dix, Keith
McLean, Lois
Farber, Michael
Steel, Dr. Ed
Keeney Frank
Mooney, Fred
Fitzpatrick, John
Foster, William Z.
McGraw, Justice Darrell
Joy, Joseph F.
Lewis, John L.
Tetlow, Percy
Seacrist, Walter
Jones, Mary H. (Mother)
Blizzard, Bill
Ozanic, Joe
Hunt, Gov. George W.P.
Kern, John W.
Pravy, Margaret
Runyans, Clyde
Ansted, David T.
UMA-District 17, 31, 29
Unions and unionization-marches
Unions and unionization-grievance procedure
Coal industry-West Virginia
Coal miners-African Americans
New River Coal Company
Summerlee Coal Mine
Locheli Coal Mine
Layland Coal Mine
Coal Mines and Mining-Nova Scotia
Coal Mines and Mining-working conditions-1920s
Coal Mines and Mining-History
Coal Mines and Mining-hunger marches
Coal Mines and Mining-Peonage
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-safety violations
Coal Mines and mining-museums
Coal Mines and Mining-marketing
Coal Mining and Mining-mechanization
Coal mining machinery-continuous miner
Jeffery Manufacturing Company
Pittsburgh Coal company
Pocahontas Fuel Company

C382 R481 Postal Workers: Jim Murphy
C382 R482 Postal Workers: J. Burke, T.Harper
C382 R483-R484 Postal Workers: Class Comments
C382 R483- R485 Postal Workers: Phillis Farley
Montgomery County, Alabama. May 20 1981. Interviews with Jim Murphy and Jim Burke and other postal workers and call comments conducted by Keith Dix, concerning the problems associated with the letter sorting machine, reorganization, mechanization, and management in the US Postal Service. Five Reels ? Poor quality (Note: Reel 484 begins halfway through).
Index Terms:
Murphy, Jim
Dix, Keith
Burke, Jim
Fair Labor Standards Act
Postal Workers-letter sorting machine operator
Postal Workers-wages and hours
Postal Workers-lifestyle
Postal Workers-union-grievances
Postal Workers-union-safety committee
Postal Workers-attitudes
Postal Workers-absenteeism
Postal Workers-discipline policies
Postal Workers-relocation compensation
Postal Service-management
Postal Service-inspectors
Postal Service-productivity
Postal Service-reorganization
Postal Service-mechanization
Postal Service-surveillance tactics
Postal Service-training
Postal Service-quality
Postal Service-safety
Postal Service-Great Britain
Postal Service-Japan

C383 R485 Willis Farley
Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia. September 15 1981. An interview with Willies Farle, former Assistant Foreman at Winding Gulf #1 Coal Mine, conducted by Keith Dix, concerning adoption of the shaker conveyor and Goodman Shortwall Mining Machines. One Reel ?. (Note: half of the tape is another collection)
Index Terms:
Farley, Willis
Dix, Keith
Monongalia County-Morgantown
Winding Gulf #1 Coal Mine
Coal Mining Machinery-shaker conveyor
Coal Mining Machinery-Goodman Shortwall Machine
Coal Mines and Mining-Job description-trackman
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-machine man
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-assistant foreman
Coal Mines and Mining-Terminology-jumper
Coal Mines and Mining-Terminology-dead work
Coal Mines and Mining-Wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-Working conditions-1930's
Coal Mines and Mining-Attitudes
Coal Mines and Mining-Water

C384 R486 Ed Shaw
Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia.  March 15 1982. An interview with Ed Shaw, retired coal mine superintendent conducted by Keith Dix, concerning mechanization of coal mining and different kinds of machinery. One Reel ?.
Index Terms:
Shaw, Ed
Dix, Keith
Raleigh County-Beckley
Winding Gulf #1 Coal Mine
McDowell County
Coal Mining Machinery-Shaker conveyor
Coal Mining Machinery-joy loading machine
Coal Mining Machinery-face conveyor
Coal Mining Machinery-Lee Norse
Coal Mining Machinery-Continuous Mining Machinery
Coal Mining Machinery-Jeffery Loading Machine
Coal Mines and Mining-safety measures
Coal Mines and Mining-mechanization
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-production standards
Coal Mines and Mining-working conditions-1930s-1940s

C385 R487 Thomas Howard
Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia. March 16 1982. An interview with Thomas Howard, mining engineer for Beaver Coal company, conducted by Keith Dix. The interview focuses on mining, machinery, manufacturing, industry competition between Joy, Jeffery, Goodman, Long and others. One Reel ?.
Index Terms:
Howard, Thomas
Dix, Keith
Beaver Coal Company
Summerlee Coal Mine
Raleigh County, Beckley
New River Coal Company
Joy Manufacturing Company
Jeffery Manufacturing Company
Slab fork Coal Company
Oakwood Coal Mine
Long, Jack
Long, Rosser
Jordan, Bill
Ambrosiani, Pete
Page, Jim
Kirkpatrick, Harry
Fairchild, Jack
Coal Mining Machinery-joy loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Goodman Shortwall Machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Face Conveyor
Coal Mining Machinery-Belt Loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Shuttle Car
Coal Mining Machinery-Jeffery Conveyor -Loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Duckbill
Coal Mining Machinery-Long Chan Conveyor
Coal Mining Machinery-Long Supermining Car
Coal Mining Machinery-Long Piggyback conveyor
Coal Mining Machinery-Wilcox Continuous Miner
Coal Mining Machinery-electric Coal drill
Coal Mining Machinery-Hydraulic coal drill
Coal Mining Machinery-coloder
Continuous mining machine
Coal Mines and Mining-mechanization
Coal Mines and Mining-crew size
Coal Mines and Mining--management
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-section foreman

C386 R488 Melvin Sillman
Location unknown. April 19 1982. An interview with Melvin Sillman, retired motorman in the coal mines, conducted by Keith Dix. One Reel. ?
Index Terms:
Coal Mines and mining-safety measures
Coal Mines and Mining-terminology-snapper
Coal mines-community life
Sillman, Melvin
Dix, Keith
Lewis, John L.
Roosevelt, Theodore
Brook, Frank
Wilson, Roy
Shafer, Charlie
Dalton, Jack
McClure, Jim
Marion County-Idamay
Marion County-Kelleytown
Frick Coal Company
Bethlehem Steel company
Consolidated Coal Company
Continental Coal Company
Monongah Coal Mine

C387 R489 David John Harley
Idamay, Marion County, West Virginia. April 22 1982. An interview with David John Harley, a retired school principle at Kelleytown and son of a coal boss, conducted by Keith Dix and Ed Harley. Mr. Harley recalls the coal mine communities and miner’s children. His wife comments. One Reel
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Harley, David John
Harley, Ed
Hicks, John B.
Harley, Ruth
Marion County-Idamay
Monongah Coal Mine
Consolidated Coal Company
Black Hand Society
Lewis, John L.
Idamay Coal Mine
Jamison No. 8 Mine
Jamison No. 9 Mine
Watkins, Ida May
Frick Coal Company
Davis Coal Company
National Miners Union
Sillman, Melvin
Jones, Mary H. (Mother)
Urbanic, Cecil
Coal Mines and Mining-terminology-yellow dog
Coal Mines and Mining-mechanization
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-1933
Coal mining machinery-Joy Loading Machine
Teachers and teaching-wages and hours
Schools-Hot Lunch Program
Unions and unionization

C388 R490-R491 Fostoria Local #10
Moundsville, Marshall County, West Virginia. July 21 1977. An interview with retired glassworkers Ralph Summerman, Lynn Hinegardner, Paul Myers, and Peter Gotliver, conducted by Keith Dix. Discussion includes glassworking history from early 1900's to present, job descriptions, terminology. Two Reels. 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Fostoria Glass Company-Local #10
Rowe, Cal
Summerman, Ralph
Hinegardner, Lynn
Myers, Paul
Gotliver, Peter
American Flint Glass Workers Union-Local 507
Cook, Harry
Marshall County-Moundsville
Wilson, Harry
Glassmakers and glassmaking-management
Glassmakers and glassmaking-wages and hours
Glassmakers and glassmaking-incentive system
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job description-blower
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job description-presser
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job description-gather
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job description-blocker
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job description-shearer
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job description-snapper
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job description-finisher
Glassmakers and glassmaking-terminology-titters
Glassmakers and glassmaking-terminology-for wax
Glassmakers and glassmaking-terminology-moves
Glassmakers and glassmaking-terminology-hog eye
Glassmakers and glassmaking-hobos
Glassmakers and glassmaking-foreign workers
Glassmakers and glassmaking-African-Americans
Glassmakers and glassmaking--labor spies

C389 R492 William Hawkins, Jr. St. Albans, Kanawha County, West Virginia. July 13 1977. An interview with William Hawklins, a retired brakeman, conducted by Keith Dix, concerning coal mining in the 20's and 30's. Speed fast, but understandable. One reel. 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Hawkins, Keith
Dix, Keith
Cabin Creek Consolidation Coal Company
Kennedy, Thomas
Lewis, John L.
Right to Strike Movement
Holbrook, Roy
Logan County, Blair Mountain
Wilkinson, Roy
African Americans
Kanawha County-St. Albans
Coal Mines and mining -strikes 1946
Coal Mines and Mining--terminology-cutting script
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-trapper
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-mule driver
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-snapper
Coal Mines and Mining-water
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-working conditions -1920s-30s
Coal Mining machinery-duckball
Coal miners-African Americans
Coal miners-convicts
Unions and unionization-mine committees
Unions and unionization-grievance procedures

C390 R493 Keyser Aluminum Plant. Ravenswood, Jackson County, West Virginia. November 8 1974. An interview with steelworkers of USWA Local 5668, conducted by Keith Dix. One reel. 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Richards, Jean
United steelworkers of America -Local 5668
Keyser Aluminum Plant
Jackson County-Ravenswood

C391 R494 Bob Lemley Mount Morris , Greene County, Pennsylvania. October 1 1974. An interview with Bob Lemley, mines helper at Humphrey #7 coal mine, conducted by Keith Dix. One reel 7” 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Lemley, Bob
Dix, Keith
Wolford, Butch
Malone, Bill
Humphrey # 7 Coal Mine
Consolidation Coal Company
Miracle Run Coal Mine-see Federal #2 Coal Mine
Bowers Portal-see Federal #1 Coal Mine
Pennsylvania-Mount Morris
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-job bidding
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-absenteeism
Coal Mines and Mining-job description-miner’s helper
Coal Miners-age differences
Coal Miners-attitudes

C392 R495 OCAW Anmore, Harrison County, West Virginia. An interview with three men discussing shop stewards, conducted by Keith Dix. One reel. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Curry, Art
Lanam, Walter
Lafferty, Robert
Unions and unionization-stewards
Unions and unionization-grievance procedures
Unions and unionization-attitudes
Unions and unionization-age differences

C393 R496 Glassworkers Moundsville, Marshall County West Virginia. An interview with three glassworkers: Guy Alexander, Paul Myers, and Bob Newell, conducted by Keith Dix. One reel. 7" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Myers, Paul
Newell, Carobert
Alexander, Guy
Calvert, Sam.
Norris, Virgil
Lennox, Sam.
Montgomery, Arthur
Glass Industry
Fostoria Glass Company
American flint Glass workers Union-Local #10
Gould, Al
Hamrick, Jack
Loudin, Keith
Morningstar, Charlie
Eastman, Jack
Gallagher, Tom
Gill Glass Company
Jefferson Glass Company
Corning Glass Works
Glassmakers and glassmaking-wages and hours
Glassmakers and glassmaking-strikes
Glassmakers and glassmaking-safety measures
Glassmakers and glassmaking-health facilities
Glassmakers and glassmaking-benefits
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job descriptions-gatherer
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job descriptions-presser
Glassmakers and glassmaking-job descriptions-bulb worker
Glassmakers and glassmaking-incentive system
Glassmakers and glassmaking-ribbon machine
Marshall County-Moundsville

C394 R497-R498 Nick Mezzanotte. Location unknown, December 13 1978. An interview with Nick Mezzanotte, retired assistant general mine foreman for Jamison Coal Company, conducted by Keith Dix, concerning his personal history, emigration form Italy, mine experiences. Two reels. ?
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Mezzanotte, Nick
Jamison Coal Company
Bethlehem Steel Company
Farmington No. 8 Coal Mine
Jamison No. 9 Coal Mine
Mine disasters-1954-1968
Coal Miners-Italian
Coal mines and mining-wages and hours
Coal mines and mining-production standards
Coal mines and mining-job description-hand loader
Coal mines and mining-job description-shot firer
Coal mines and mining-terminology-bug dust
Coal Mining Machinery-Jeffrey Brest Machine
Coal Mining Machinery-Joy Loader
Coal Mining Machinery-Postjack
Coal Mining Machinery-Drill machine

C395 R499 International Association of Machinists, Local 598. South Charleston, Kanawha County West Virginia. November 13 ?. In this interview conducted by Keith Dix, two union carbide workers, Joe Pittman and John Bishop, discuss shop stewards and grievance procedures. One Reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Pittman, Joe
Bishop, John
Kanawha County-Charleston
IAOM-Local Lodge 598
Unions and Unionization-stewards
Unions and Unionization-grievance procedures
Unions and Unionization-safety committees

C396 R500 Bill Richardson August 3 1976 Madera Pennsylvania. An interview with Bill Richardson, Miner at Rushton Coal Mine, conducted by Keith Dix, concerning the quality of work program involving continuing training and job rotation, and how the program has helped safety, absenteeism and wildcat strike. One reel 5" 3 3/4.
Index Terms:
Dix, Keith
Richardson, Bill
Rushton Coal Mine
Brown, Grant
Trest, Eric
Higgins, John
Eastern Coal Company
Coal Mines and Mining-wages and hours
Coal Mines and Mining-study and teaching
Coal Mines and Mining-steering committee
Coal Mines and Mining-communication system
Coal Mines and Mining-terminology-yellow hats
Coal Mines and Mining-Quality of work program
Coal Mines and Mining-violations
Coal Mines and Mining-safety measures
Coal Mines and Mining-strikes-wildcat
Coal Mines and Mining-management
Coal Mines and Mining-incentive system

C397 R501 A Union in Revolt: The Story of A Rank-and-File Movement (1982 A.D.)
A history of the UMA activities through the 1970's by Robert L. Hunt of West Virginia Wesleyan College. Narrated by Time Meyers. This collection places special emphasis on the black lung movement, UMWA presidential campaign of 1969 and the reform and growth in the 1970's.  Four Reels. ? ?. Notes & Transcripts available.
Index Terms:
Lewis, John L.
Gompers, Samuel
Odell, Gwinn
Trobovich, Michael
Kennedy, Thomas
Boyle, Tony W.A.
Antal, Lou
Stoffer, John
Yablonski, Jock
Miller, Arnold
Penakovich, Leonard
Fetty, Bill
Daniel, Levi
Budzanoski, Michael
Evans, Lou
Cody, Clara
Harmon, Roy Lee
Roche, Joseph E.
Linville, Howard
Odell, Gwinn
Omashinski, Charles
Nooncester, Nora
Kosnoski, Sarah
Rogers, Mary
Buff, I.E.
McGraw, Warren
Blevens, Thomas
Hendrix, P.W.
Huge, Harry
Yablonski, Joseph Jock
Yablonski, Chip
Pane, Robert
Weaver, Jim
Smith, Jack
Smith, Della May
Patrick, Henry
Dawes, Ken
Pane, Robert
Antal, Lou
Gezelle, Judge
Sermon, Andy
Pysell, Tom
Pysell, Kenny
Dobbs, Kenny
Smith, Charles
Daniels, Levi
Feldman, Clarice
Yablonski, Chip
Mendez, John
Davis, Dewey
Byant, Judge
Roche, Josephine
Perry, Jack
Boyle, Tony
Yablonski, Ken
Rice, Charles Owen
Rauh, Joseph
Williams, Harrison
Brown, Elmer
Trobovich, Michael
Miller, Arnold
Brooks, Charles
Olnashinski, Wilma
Kosnosky, Sarah
Morris, David
Morris, John
Huddleson, Silas
Sabolski, Frank
Budzanoski, Michael
Cody, Clara
Buff, I.E. Dr.
Daniel, Levi
Tittler, George
Brooks, Charles
Wells, Howie Dr.
Rasmussen, Donald Dr.
Cohen, William
Kaufman, Paul
Hechler, Ken
McGraw, Warren
Moore, Arch Governor
Davis, Paul
Rasmussen, Jean
Consolidation Coal Company
National Bank of Washington
Landrum-Griffin Act
UMW Constitution
Miners for Yablonski
UMWA Journal
Davis, Dewey
Miller, Arnold
Cody, Clara
Boone County
Raleigh County
Greenbrier County
Summers County
Beckley, West Virginia
Consol # 9 Mannington Mine
Farmington, West Virginia
Charmco, West Virginia
Rock Lick, West Virginia
District 29
National Bank of Washington
Association of Disabled Minors and Widows
Farmington Widows Association
Consolidated Coal Company
Black Lung Movement
Miners For Democracy
Disabled Miners and Widows of Southern West Virginia
Coal Mines and Mining-pensions
Coal Mines and Mining-Retirement
Coal Mines and Mining-Welfare payments
Black Lung Association
Association of Disabled Miners and Widows
Widows of Farmington Mine
Senate Labor Subcommittee
Miners and Widows of Southern West Virginia
Miners for Democracy
Coal Tattoo
Coal Mines and Mining-disabilities
Coal Mines and Mining-Royalties
Coal Mines and Mining-Welfare Fund
Coal Mines and Mining-Rehabilitation Program
Coal Mines and Mining-Medical Care
Coal Mines and Mining-Trustees
Coal Mines and Mining-Sweetheart Deals
Coal Mines and Mining-UMWA hospitals
Coal Mines and Mining-Mechanization
Coal Mines and Mining-Service Requirement
Coal Mines and Mining-Coal Dust Control
Coal Mines and Mining-Pnellmoconiosis
Coal Mines and Mining-Black Lung
Coal Mines and Mining-silicosis
Coal Mines and Mining-Miner’s Asthma
Coal Mines and Mining-Workman’s Compensation
Coal Mines and Mining-Compensationitis
Coal Mines and Mining-Dual-unionism
Coal Mines and Mining-District 29
Coal Mines and Mining-Mine Health and Safety Act-1969
Coal Mines and Mining-Farmington Disaster
Federal Registry
Charleston, West Virginia
Mannington, West Virginia
Montgomery, West Virginia
Stanaford, West Virginia
Coal Mines and Mining-1969 Health and Safety Act
Coal Mines and Mining-Bituminous Contract
Coal Mines and Mining-Royalties
Coal Mines and Mining-Pensioners
Coal Mines and Mining-Miner’s Bill of Rights
Washington, Pennsylvania
Washington, District of Columbia
Beckley, West Virginia
Wydale, West Virginia
St. Clairsville, Ohio
Cokeburg, Pennsylvania
Wheeling College, Wheeling, West Virginia
20-year rule
Black miners
Black Lung
Direct Action
Coal Conspiracy
Ogle Coal Company
West Virginia Black Lung Association Physicians Committee for Miners Health and Safety
Consolidated Coal Company
Appalachian Regional Hospital, Beckley
U.S. Public Health Service
West Virginia State Legislature
Social Security Administration
Stacked Conventions
Blacksville, West Virginia
Miami, Florida
Denver, Colorado
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-Trusteeship
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-District 17
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-District 19
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-District 29
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-The Miner’s Voice (newspaper)
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-District 5
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-Absentee Ballots
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-Contract Demands
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-Strike Pay
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-District Autonomy Suit
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-1969 UMWA Elections
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-UMWA Journal
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-AMWA
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-Miners Bill of Rights
Trade Unions-Coal Miners-Pensioner Local

C398 R502 Rev. Frank Trubee
Rev. Trubee discussed primarily the Scott’s Run Reciprocal Economy, how it got started, what it did, who helped them out. This subject is related to others of the time that come up such as United Mine Workers but are not covered in detail.
Index Terms:
Trubee, Franklin Reverend
Scott’s Run Reciprocal Economy
United Mine Workers
Klaer, Lee A. Reverend
Rutzebeck, Hjalmar
Scott’s Run
Behner, Mary
College of Wooster
American Friends Service Committee
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Board of National Missions
University High School
Voithofer, Ruth
Wooster College Alumni Magazine
Pursglove, Sam
Chestnut Ridge
Cheat Mountain Ridge
Stonestreet, W.W. Dr.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ellis, Bill
Johnson, Sam.
Thomas, John
Thomas, Sadie
Maple Grove
Ohio, Harrisburg
Ohio, Canton
Pindor, Charlie
Bluefield, West Virginia
Wheeling, West Virginia
First Church
Fairmont, West Virginia
Clarksburg, West Virginia
Shelton, Mary
Hrinsin, Steve
Hrinsin, Ann
Osage, West Virginia
Morris, Irene
Trulas, Mike
Martin, Steve
Kurta, Walter
Welles, Orson
War of the Worlds
Henderson, Professor
Forst Presbyterian Church
Monongalia Self Help Exchange
Molisee, Foster
Harrow, Allen
Morgantown, WV
Department of Agriculture
Grimes, Bushrod
Washington, DC
Scott’s Run Self-Help Association
Viola, Mike
Viola, Cesira
Ohio-Greene County, Xenia
Ohio, Cleveland
Ohio, Cincinnati
Ohio, Antioch College
Masonic Lodge
Cedarcrest College
Mochesney, Dr.
Buer Creek High School
Curie, Harold Dr.
Manhattan Project
Scarborough University
Trubee, Viola
Ohio, Minerva
Rockensein, Walter
New York City
United Way
Morgantown University High School-Morgantown WV
Pursglove, Walter

C399 R503 Frances Sellers discusses the life of her aunt, Blanche Lazzell who was an artist. She discusses Lazzell's early life, he influences and artwork as well as life in Provincetown, Massachusetts where Lazzell had a studio. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Leger, Ferdnand
Gleizes, Albert
Chote, Andre
Lazzell, Charles
Steiner, Jerry
Wheeling, West Virginia
Peck, Elizabeth
Paris, France
Osage, West Virginia
Davis, Dorothy
Clarksburg, West Virginia
Buckcannon, West Virginia
Martin Diamond Fine Arts
Chase, William Merritt
Friend, Elly
Broch, Mrs.
Broch, Dr.
Wade, Dr.
Broch, Matty
Leonard, William Professor
Smith, Semian, Professor
Marietta, Ohio
Hubbard, Eva
Martin, George
Charleston, West Virginia
Morris Harvey College
Wilkinson, Edith K.
Wintrit, Agnes
Loeb, Dorothy
resist dyeing
tye dyeing
Perkins, Mr.
Roberts, Mrs.
Gallow, Mrs.
Anderson, Mrs.
Hawthorne, Charles
Hart, Justina
Motherwell. Robert
Detroit, Michigan
pot boiling
town crier
Morgantown, West Virginia
New York, New York
New York Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Dorothy Bradford
Jackson's Mill
O'Keefe, Georgia
Chaffee, Oliver
Pollock, Jackson
Gottlieb, Adolf
Hofmann, Hans
Knath, Otto
Sellers, Frances
Cuthbert, John
Lazzell, Blanche
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Boston, Massachusetts
O'Neal, Ugene (U.G.)

C400R504  Smith Hammons talks about his family especially, his father Ed Hammons who was a fiddle player. He discuses his father's first fiddle made out of a gourd and how his father got a real fiddle. He also briefly details stories about his father and other members of his family. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Hammons, Smith
Hammons, Pearl
Hammons, Ed
Simmons, Ed
Hammons, Pete
Williams River (three Forks)
Elkins West Virginia
Beverly WV
Hammons, Jess
Johnson's Branch
Hammons, Sarah
hunting stories-bear
Summersville WV
Nicholas County
Big Sandy River
Webster County
Sutton, WV
Hire, Lee
Coalbank, Bob
hunting stories-deer
Shafer, Elizabeth
Birch River
McCline, Witherow
Buckeye West Virginia-Swago Creek
Gauley Mills
Hammons, Neins
Mills Run
Hammons, Kurnts
Hammons, Becky
Hammons, James
Hammons, Henry
Hammons, Irene
Hammons, Alice
Hammons, Emmy
Randolph County
Bolair West Virginia
Ohio, Chillicothe
Hills Creek, West Virginia
Bear Run, Cherry River
Valley Bend
Dick, Wiese
McGee, Rand
Dick, Bessy
Becky's Creek
Long, Ad
McElwain, Jack
Wane, Ivan
Bragg, Harvey
CCC Camps
Stoutin Creek
Mill Point
Richwood West Virginia
White Sulphur Springs West Virginia

C401 R505 Morgantown, West Virginia. July 23 1981. An interview with James V. Morris, conducted by Dave Sutton and Robert Wilhelm concerning Jackson's Mill, 4H Camp, what it was like in 1925. The changes to the camp as he remembers them being made. The dining halls, the cottages, the mills, the lake, the springs-- the things he remembers about them. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Upshur County
Truman, Gor
Gale Sterm
Lumberport West Virginia
T.P. Kendrick
Ralph Myers
Uncle Charlie
Loudenslager, George
Cavendich, Larry
Hartley, Charlie
Boy's Camp
Girl's Camp
Volunteer Leaders
McCortar Cabin
Enterprise West Virginia
Harrison County
Harrison County-4H Camp
Jackson's Mill
Lewis County
Gov. Howard Bor
C.P. Fortney-State Road Commissioner
West Virginia University

C402 R506 Gladys Miller talks about superstitions, home remedies, her family, including Aunt Fannie who burned down a saloon in Webster Springs, teaching and one room schools.
Index Terms:
Fisher, George
Fister, Maggie
Arbucle coffee
Greggory, Clayton
Home remedies
Fisher, Jim
Elason, Fisher-Fannie Aunt
Webster County
Conard, Ballad
Perkins, Elmer
Crites, Maggie
Miller, Willie
Hayrick, Mamie
Rigglesman, Leonard
Miller, Gladis
Webster Springs
"Samantha Says"
Webster Echo
She sings-"Sweet Fern"
Bophman, Chris
Bophman, Kurnts
Miller, Bill

C403 R507-508 Prof. Frank Freidel Harvard University, Cambridge MA. Prof. Freidel lectures on Jacksonian Democracy by telephone hookup to students at WVU. He mentions two West Virginia Awildcat banks: Owl Creek Bank and the Saddlebag Bank of Parkersburg, Wood County. Reel 507 is lecture, Reel 508 is Q&A. Two reels 7" 7 1/2. Quality is very good to poor.
Index Terms:
Bankers and Banking-Saddlebag Bank
Bankers and Banking-Parkersburg WV
Bankers and Banking-Owl Creek Bank
Politics and politicians-Jacksonian Democracy (since 1945)
Universities and colleges-Harvard University-Cambridge, Massachusetts
Universities and colleges-West Virginia University-Morgantown, West Virginia

C404 R509-R510 Olla Belle Reed (Mrs.) April 1984 Rising Sun, Maryland. An interview conducted at her home conducted by John Hensley, University of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware. Discusses personal and family information, daily life, seasonal activities, recreation, mountain dancing, education, politics, family values, her musical career, the musical career, the music industry and famous entertainers she has known. Two cassette tapes 1 7/8. Quality good. Notes available.
Index Terms:
African American discrimination
African American Performers
Corral County Museum of Art
Fayette County-Lansing
Friends of Old Time Music
Great American Music Hall
Hadley Museum- University of Delaware
Harve de Grace, Georgia
Howell Hill, Maryland (school)
Music and musicians
New River
Newspaper-Skyland Post
Philadelphia Dance Academy
Radio Stations-WILM-WDEL
Summers County-Rising Sun
Yale University-New Haven-Connecticut
Acuff, Roy
Andrews Sisters
Blevins Family
Cammil, Maudie, sister
Cammil, Tom
Carter, Maybelle
Eller, Corrie
Ellie (Reed’s sister)
Hensley, Hayden
Herb (Reed’s brother)
Jones, Tom (old Doc)
Mary (Reed’s sister)
Miller, sonny
Ralph (Reed’s son)
Reed, Olla Belle
Richards, Dr.
Wakeley, Jimmy
Woods, Shorty (Northliner Ridgerunners)

C405 R511 Cherokee Shaft TV show recorded by Paul Nyden on May 22 1971. Discusses union and mining conditions, the rebel movement in coal mine strikes, misuse of union welfare and retirement funds, Monseigneur Charles Owen Rice delivers an address at Coal Miner's Day, Cokeburg Pennsylvania. One cassette.
Index Terms:
Cherokee Shaft (Maple Creek)
Coal Mines
Coal Mines and mining
Minors for Democracy
UMWA-District 5
Boyle, Tony
Budzanoski, Michael
Lewis, John L.
Rice, Charles Owen (the labor priest of Pittsburgh)
Yablonshi family

C406 R512-R513 Julia Davis  Princeton,  New Jersey. December 3 1985. Discusses literature, her literary career and that of other well know writers of the 19th and 20th century. Discusses changes in West Virginia and coal mining conditions in 1900. Discusses West Virginia history and her father's part in the Civil War. One cassette and dup. 1 7/8 quality good.
Index Terms:
Civil war
Coal mines and mining-history-1900-1939
Morgan Guaranty
Washington Gas Company-Clarksburg WV
"The West Virginia Debt"
Berkeley County West Virginia
Harrison County-Elk Creek-Clarksburg
Jefferson County-West Virginia
Jefferson County-Charles Town
Allen, Harvey
Benet, Stephen Vincent
Post, Melville Davison

C407 R514 Diane Reinhard Morgantown West Virginia. February 3 1986. Dr. Reinhard delivers an address at the Center for Women's Studies Fireside Chat Series. Discuses her personal academic history and women in higher education in various roles (especially administration) and general society. A short question and answer session follows. One cassette 1 7/8. quality good to fair 514. Notes available.
Index Terms:
Women-roles in society
Reinhard, Diane
Stitzel, Judith

C408 R515 Maggie Anderson Morgantown West Virginia. November 7-10 1984. Maggie Anderson, poet and teacher delivers and addresses "Women and Creativity: Masks, Myths, and Marmalade." She discusses regional women writers of WV, especially Louise McNeill, and the differences and similarities between Anderson and McNeill, two writers of different generations. Anderson also reads selections of her and McNeill's poetry. One cassette quality good.
Index Terms:
Anderson, Maggie
McNeill, Louise

C409 R516 Patrick W. Gainer Tanner, Gilmer County West Virginia. December 8 1980. An interview conducted by John Cuthbert, focusing on early folklore field work, and scholarship in West Virginia, including his colleagues and their methods of collecting. One cassette (both sides) 1 7/8 quality good but goes blank in spots. Transcript available.
Index Terms:
bean stringing
Big Bend Tunnel
Cass Scenic Railroad
"coal miner's songs"
Davis and Elkins College
Festivals and celebrations-Arthurdale Folk Festival
Gilmer County-Tanner
Glenville State College
Harrison County-Clarksburg
Lewis County-Pickle Street
McDowell County
Music and musicians
Nicholas County-Richwood
Pocahontas County-Marlinton
Pocahontas Times
Raleigh County
Universal Catholic Church (1950's)
Universities and colleges
Williams River
Wood County-Parkersburg
Armstrong, Robert Dr.
Aunt Mattie
Boette, Marie
Brian, Dr.
Chappell, Louis Professor
Childs, Francis James
Coombs, Josiah
Cottrell, Jenes (The Banjo Man)
Cox, John Harrington
Diller, Dwight
Fluarty, Uncle Jim
Hammons Family
Hammons, Edden
Hammons, Lee
Hammons, Sherman
Hardy, John
Henry, John
Hinkel, Lydia
Kittredge, George Lyman, Professor
Musick, Ruth Dr.
Parker, Maggie Hammons
Price, Corbin
Robinson, Felix
Thomas, Gene
Wilgus, D.K.
Woofter, Carey, Professor

R517 M. Brooks West Virginia University. November 11 1987. Professor Brooks discusses his early life and career, the agricultural movement in West Virginia, and the history of the WVU Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station form 1903. One cassette 1 7/8 quality good to poor.
Notes available.
Index Terms:
Barbour County
Cornell University-Rural New Yorker
Farmer's Institutes
French Creek Experiment Station
Fruit tree insects
Hopkin's Law
Jefferson County-Kearneysville
Lewis County-Jackson's Mill
Mason County
Morgantown Junior High School
Oglebay Hall
Park Street
Syracuse University-New York State College of Forestry
Universities and colleges
University Agricultural Extension
Upshur County
West Virginia University
WVU Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station
Wirt County-Elizabeth
Brooks, A.B.
Brooks, Fred E.
Brooks, Ruth Brown
Giddings, M.J. Dr.
Hopkins, A.D.
Johnson, Skip
Moller, Shepherd
Peairs, L.M.
Rumsey, E.W.
Sheets, Earl
Sheldon, John L. Dr.
Stewart, James H.
Stewart, Mattie
Zinn, W.V.

C411 R518 Alice Wilfong
Ravenna, Ohio November 30 1982. An interview by John Cuthbert. Alice Wilfong, daughter of Edwin Hammons, discusses her family, family ancestry, and music -making , especially that of Edwin Hammons. One cassette (both sides) 1 7/8 quality good to poor, quality on side two generally poor. Notes Available.
Index Terms:
Annual of Webster County
Berkeley County
Cumberland Maryland
Doddridge County
ghost stories
gourd fiddle
Greenbrier County
Nicholas County-Richwood
Old-time fiddler's contests
Pocahontas County-Marlinton
Randolph County
Webster County
Bragg, Hetty
Carpenter, Hamp
Sean, Sarah-(James, Scott, Mary -her children)
Digman, Gander
Dillion, Tom
Doddrill, Fleming
Fleischhauer, Carl
Galford, Fred
Hammons, Burl
Hammons, Caroline
Hammons, Currence
Hammons, Edwin
Hammons, James
Hammons, Minnie
Hammons, Nancy Rebecca
Hammons, Neil
Hammons, Peter
Hammons, Sherman
Hamrick, Byrne
Hicks, Nancy Broughton
Jabbour, Alan
McCoy, Nancy Hammons
MacElwane, Jack
Magee, Ren
Miller, Samuel
Mullins, Dorcas
Mullins Eliza-(Samson, Nancy, Jesse -her children)
Parker, Maggie Hammons
Reed, Sarah R.
Shaffer, Marharet (Betty)
Smith, William
Trent, Paul
Wayne, Jack
Were, Samson
Wright, Oscar

C412 R519 Clarence A. Gray Clarksburg Veterans Administration Hospital August 28 1985. An interview conducted by Francis Gilmore. Gray discusses his WWII experiences in the Philippines, the Bataan Death March, and his 3 1/2 years as a prisoner of war on Japan. One cassette (both sides) 1 7/8 quality good to poor. Notes and Photographs available.
Index Terms:
Americans of Bataan and Corregidor
Brownsville, Texas
Camp Gavin Field
Camp Hirahata, Osaka Japan
Camp O'Donnel, Philippines
Camp Tabanatuan #1
Camp Tabanatuan #2
Double Zero Ward
F Company
Fort Knox, Kentucky
Fort Lemendal, Kentucky
Fort McKinley
Fort Meade, Maryland
General Hospital #1 Bataan
Marygold (hospital ship)
Mount Simat, Bataan Peninsula
Natran Plant, New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Payton City
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Reunion at Bennington NY
Satush Steel Company
Star News (newspaper)
Sistersville Tyler County West Virginia
31st Infantry Regiment Company H
Tyler County McKim
World War II
Yokohama Coal Company
"Caplin" or "Wildman"
Erkenbrack, Master Gunnery Sergeant
Cray, Clarence, P
Cray, Jean Henderson
King, General
MacArthur, Douglas General
Olson, John E

C413 R520 J.Rolland Location not given April 20 1983. Rolland discusses his family history , old time methods of flat glass making and the flat glass making industry. One cassette (both sides) 1 7/8 quality good to poor some spots unintelligible. Notes available.
Index Terms:
African Americans-Fort Smith Arkansas
African Americans-Black anti white discrimination in Arkansas
Alcon Aluminum Company
American Window Glass Company
"Ceramic Societies"
Decker's Creek sand
Ellis Drive In
Empire National Bank
Fourco Glass Company
Glass Companies
Glasscutters (performer)
Glass industry
Glass industry-management
Glassmakers and glassmaking-strikes
glassmakers (performers)
glass recipes
Harrison county-Clarksburg
Harrison County-Salem
Labor relations
Libby Owens Ford Glass Company
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Pompadorn Style-glass cutters
Revolution in Glass Making (Schovil)
Rolland Glass Plant
Rowan Plant
Sistersville Sheet Glass Company
Taylor County-Jerry Run-Simpson Creek
Vincennes, Indiana
Wood County-Parkersburg
Ford, Henry
Haddad, Fred
Hurley, Ray
John's son
Mafajo boy
Rolland, Albert (Uncle Albert)
Rolland, A.J.
Rolland, Charles (Uncle Charlie)
Rolland, Connie
Rolland, Ernest
Rolland, Family
Rolland Eugene (head of the family)
Rolland, John
Sullivan, Janie
Sullivan, Patty

R521 Saint Stephens Church, G. Walters Shriver, West Virginia. January 24 1982 by Thomas S. Brown. Youth soloist Penny Coleman sings a possibly original hymn by Charity Snow. One cassette (both sides) 1 7/8 quality good to fair.
Index Terms:
African Americans
Saint Stephens Baptist Church
Monongalia County-Shriver
Coleman, Penny
Snow, Charity

C414 R521-522 WVPR September 28 1986. Gwen Walters discusses the Eco Theater acting and performing on stage. The second tape includes an interview about Dr. Patrick Gainer with John Cuthbert. Also Dr. Gainer sings Soldier Will You Marry Me? and discusses instruments on this tape. Two cassettes  (side one of the first tape is blank, side 2 blank almost fourteen minutes at the beginning, side two of second tape is blank) 1 7/8 quality generally good but much reverberation.
Notes available.
Index Terms:
Eco Theater
Gilmer County
Glenville Normal School
Musical instruments
Summers County-Pipestem State Park
Vietnam War
Wood County-Parkersburg
Gainer, Patrick Ward Dr.
Heywood, Charlie
Jackson, Kathy
Lee, Mariette

C415 R523 H.C. Knotts West Virginia University. November 11 1986 Knotts discusses his twenty two years career in the mines, the coal mining industry, mining conditions, types of machinery used, coal mining techniques and tools used by hand. Part of the TE280 class "Out of the Fiery Furnace". One cassette (both sides) 1 7/8 quality good.
Index Terms:
Coal mines and mining-automation
Coal mines and mining-electrical equipment
Coal mines and mining-equipment and supplies
Coal mines and mining-explosives
Coal mines and mining-history
Coal mines and mining-history-1900-1939
Coal mines and mining-job descriptions
Coal mines and mining-Longwall system
Coal mines and mining-mechanization
Coal mines and mining-production standards
Bakertown Coal
Big Field "Holler"
Chestnut Ridge
Coal Companies
Coal industry
Coal industry-West Virginia
Coal miners
Coal mines
Coal mines and mining-terminology
Coal mines and mining-transportation
Coal mines and mining-wages and hours
Coal mines and mining-working conditions
Coal mines and mining-machinery
Coal mines and mining-continuous mining machine
Coal trade
Freeport Coal Mines
Laurel Mountain
Merchant's Mines -Pendleton County
Nedda Mines
Preston County-Howesville
Preston County-Tunnelton
Radabaugh's Mines
Wolf Mines
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Halbritter, Arden
Halbritter, Judge (Kingwood)
Knotts, Howard C.
Montgomery, George
Poland, Frank
Ridenour, John
Sanders, O
Wright, Joe
C416 R524 T.J. Ridenour West Virginia University. November 20 1986. Ridenour discusses Long Wall mining and a describes equipment and machinery used at Knitt Mines . One cassette  1 7/8, quality good. Part of the TE280 class "Out of the Fiery Furnace." Transcript available.
Index Terms:
Blacksville Mine #2
Coal companies
Coal industry
Coal industry-West Virginia
Coal miners
Coal mines
Coal mines and mining
Coal mines and mining-automation
Coal mines and mining-electrical equipment
Coal mines and mining-equipment and supplies
Coal mines and mining-Longwall system
Coal mines and mining-mechanization
Coal mines and mining-terminology
Coal mines and mining-working conditions
Coal mining machinery-continuous mining machine
Coal mining machinery-cutting machines
Coal mining machinery-Jeffery Short Wall Machine
Coal seams
J and L Steel (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Kennon Mines
Kitt Energy Corp
Kitt Energy Mines
Laurel Run Mine Mount Storm West Virginia
Metallurgical coal
Mine subsidence
Monongalia County-Blacksville
Reedsville bolt plant
Republic Steel-Quarter's crossing
Standard Oil Company  
Tygarts Valley River

C417 R525-R528 Keystone , McDowell County West Virginia. August 4 1987. An interview by Matthew Sorel. Suzanne Slaughter discusses from an African American perspective, the early days of Keystone West Virginia. One cassette 1 7/8 quality good. Notes available, transcript available.
Index Terms:
African Americans-Discrimination
African Americans-history
Alpha-Phi-Alpha Fraternity
Bluefield State College
Alumni Association
Bluefield Telegraph (newspaper)
Budley Clothing Store
Budley Furniture Store
Charles W. Wichardson Funeral Home (formerly Sinkford's)
Eco College, Philadelphia
Elhorn Valley Company (non-perishable goods)
Farmer's Store (a clothing store)
Genoa High School
Hole In The Wall Sandwich Shop (North Fork)
Howard Pharmacy
James Johnson Produce (Keystone)
Keystone Eckman Junior High School
Keystone Elementary School (Church Street)
Keystone Hardware Store
John Stewart United Methodist Church
McDowell County-Keystone
McDowell County-Maybeury
McDowell Times (newspaper)
Mercer County-Bluefield
Mt. Chapel Baptist Church
Spector Drug Store
Calloway, Franklin
Hamlet, Dr.
Howard, P.G. Dr.
Johnson, James
Kip (see Hole in the wall)
Miss Cherry
Murray, D.T. Dr.
Richardson, Charles William
Richardson, Mannie Miller
Richardson, William A.
Sinkfort, George H.
Slaughter, Suzanne
Washington, George Reed
Washington, Herbert
Zandy, Ricol

C418 R526-R550 McCourt
Notes available

C419 R551-R557 Bulltown
Notes and transcripts available

C420 R558-R581 Arthurdale
Notes available
R558 Claude and Hazel Bonnette
R559 Oval and Edith Pugh
R560 Henry and Thurle Donghue
R561 Ellen Estep
R562 Dr. Maurice Brooks
R563 Mildred Robey
R564 Luther Zinn
R565 Augusta Radabaugh
R566 Hazel Hovatter
R567 Jessie Wiles
R568 Charles and Hilda Hendershot
R569 Elma Martin
R570 Andy R. Wolfe
R571 Ann and Dan Houghton
R572 Elizabeth Fullmer
R573 Dave Day
R574 Lora McNeis
R575 Sarah Hartsell
R576 Neva Davis
R577 Annabelle Davis
R578 Beulah Myers
R579 Birdie Swick
R580 Inez Kerns
R581 Herman Reber

C421 R582-R609 Monongalia Glassworkers
Notes and transcripts available
R582 Perkins, Ronald
R583 Lenhart, Thomas
R584 Lynch, Robert Emmet (Sr. & Jr.)
R585 Buck, Tip
R585 Jacobs, Dorsey
R586 Parrotta, John
R587 Leighty, Flo
R588 Britvec, Steve
R589 Blosser, Irene
R590 Powell, Fred
R591 Saint Clain, Dudley
R592 Swisher, Virginia Ruth
R593 Rogers, Helen
R594 Rabagia, Eva
R595 Tritcher, Bernice
R596 Gentile, John
R597 Gentile, John
R598 Barill, Richard
R599 Rogers, Karen
R600 Lemley, Denzil/Calvert, Charles
R601 Youst, Pam
R602 Sacco, Lawerence
R603 Buck, Robert
R604 Burns, Charles
R605 Cavallaro, Fred
R606 Michaels, Sara / Davis Jr., Merwin
R607 McKinney, Anna
R608 Peterson, Merle
R609 McCormick, John

C422 R610-R622 Mower Lumber Co.
R610 Galford, Springly
R611 Galford, Springly
R612 Griffin, Forrest (Buck)
R613 Chestnut, Buck
R614 Galford, Springly
R615 Galford, Springly
R616 Brown, Warren (Doodle)
R617 Sharp, Woodrow
R618 Taylor, Andy
R619 Love, Charlie
R620 McCalpin, Jess
R621 Taylor, Russell (Pappy)
R622 Taylor, Robert

C423 R623-R636 Pocahontas Operators Association
Notes available
R623 Brooks, C.F.
R623 Brooks, C.F. (2)
R624 Gillespie, Barns
R624 Gillespie, Barns (2)
R625 Drosick, Louis (2)
R626 Drosick, Edna Moore
R627 Haydult, Martin (3)
R628 Williams, Ray
R629 Williams, Julia
R630 Huffman, Frances
R631 Bond, Randal
R632 Branson, Gertrude
R633 Decton, Bertha
R634 Clark, Dennis (2)
R634 Dawson, Helen
R635 Dawson, Helen
R636 Wardon, Henry

C424 R637-R640 Oral History in the 1980's Conference
Notes available
R637 Maddox, Robert/Himes, John
R638 Himes, John/Cuthbert, John/Fishel, Leslie
R639 Ward, Barry/Maddox, Robert
R640 Collins, Bill/Cohen, David
R640 Folk Music, Oral History, & the Computer

C425 R641-R644 (numbers not used)

C426 R645 Senator Robert C. Byrd
Notes available

C427 R646-R663 Morgantown Bicentennial
R646 Prince, Elmer
R647 Gluck, Joe
R648 Burchinal, Robert
R649 Chico-Denardi, Julia
R650 Christopher, Mary B.
R651 Waters, Grace
R652 Cox, Ann
R653 Tapp, Marion E.
R654 Courtney, Helen Huston (2)
R655 Johnson, Carl Dr.
R656 Bradford, Martha O.
R657 Brooks, Maurice
R658 Kun, Joe
R660 Communitz, Gus (2)
R661 Bolyard, Mildred
R662 Laidley, Braford
R663 Cox, Ann
R663 Myers, Roy
R663 Myers, Roy (2)
R663 Nesius, Roy
R663 Constantine, Tony

C428 R663-R675 Harrison County Bicentennial Committee  
Notes available
R663 Ritter, Joe S. (2)
R664 Short, George (2)
R665 Short, George (2)
R666 Short, George (2)
R667 Coffindaffer, William E. (2)
R668 Coffindaffer, William (2)
R669 Martin, Melba (2)
R670 Moffett, Hance & Layne (2)
R671 Ferrise, Maria
R672 Ferrise, Maria
R673Thomas, Autrice(3)
R674 Holmes, Ronald & Oliver/ Carter, Phil (2)
R675 Holmes, Ronald & Oliver/ Carter, Phil (2)

C429 R676-R688 Monongalia Historical Society
Notes available
R676 Scott, Sarah
R677 Buck, R.
R678 Forbes, Percy
R679 Rancinger, Victor
R680 Shay, Edward
R681 Roberts, Jack
R682 Davis, Walter
R683 Fumich, George
R684 Kelly, H.D.
R685 Christopher, Mary Behner
R686 Yoke, Thomas
R687 Wymer, Elmer
R688 Shirley, Elmer

C430 R689-R692 Appalachian Literature/Berea College
Notes available
R689 Gage, Jim (4)
R690 Gage, Jim/Jones, Loyal
R691 Miller, Jim Wayne (2)
R692 Williams, Cratis
R692 Williams, Cratis/Norman, Gurney/Jones, Loyal/Gage, Jim

C431 R693-R698 Ernest Nesius
Notes available

C432 R699-R715 Holt
Notes available

C433 R716-R728 Arthurdale
Notes available
R716 Roscoe, Joseph
R717 Estep, Ellen
R718 Hendershot, Hilda
R719 Day, Robert & Edna
R720 Wolfe, Andy
R721 Watson, Bill
R722 Brown, Ralph
R723 Whittaker, Alice & Warren
R724 Eble, Jettie
R725 Williams, Glenna
R726 Glass, Richard
R727 Mayer, Annabelle
R728 Weaver, Ruby & Maynard

C434 R729-R765 Voices of the (19)60's
Notes available
R729 Easterling, Edith (3)
R730 Kobak, Easterling Ella Sue / Kinderman, Gibbs
R731 Kobak, Easterling Ella Sue (2)
R732 Ogle, Milton (2)
R733 Hechler, Ken
R734 Plumley, Roscoe
R735 Shrewsbury, Hershel
R736 Shrewbury, Mae
R737 Yarrow, Doug
R738 Biesemeyer, David
R739 Marsh, Don
R740 McGraw, Darrell
R741 Bonds, Ernest & Virginia
R742 Walton, Noel Shuffer
R743 Perry, Huey
R744 Sharp(e), Bob
R745 Kramer, Steve
R746 Kinderman, Katharine
R747 Jaffe, Ronnie Sue (2)
R748 Painter, Ina Mae
R749 Cohen, Weintraub Naomi
R750 Schecter, Claudia
R751 Monroe, Jeff
R752 Hylton, Tracy
R753 Mills, Okey
R754 Elkington, Linda
R755 McGraw, Warren
R756 Meade, Herb
R757 Yarrow, Ruth
R758 Trent, Judy
R759 Perdue, Chuck
R760 Bell, Sid
R761 Whisnant, David
R762 Hackett, David
R764 Kline, Michael/Kinderman, Gibbs(2)
R765 Strip Mining/Fair Elections

C435 R766 Rockenstein
Notes available

C436 R767 Civil Engineering
Notes available

C437 R768 Oscar Dubois
Notes available

C438 R769 125th WVU Birthday Celebration
Notes and transcripts available

C439 R770 Chappell
Notes available

C440 R771 Walter Taitt
Notes available

C441 R772-R775 F.Lawson, R.Blacl, G.Taylor, J.Martin & others
Notes and transcripts available
R772 Lawson, Flossie
R773 Black, Raymond
R774 Tayor, Grace
R775 Martin, Julian & others

C442 R776 C.Wilkinson
Notes available

C443 R777 Fred Thomas
Notes available

R778-R779 Coal Life Project
Notes & transcripts available
R778 Odessa, Joseph
R779 Turner, Wandy/Mills, Sandy/Fugate, Henry

C445 R780 Klenis Radio Show
Notes available

C446 R781-R784 Fireside Chats, Women's Issues
R781 Williams, Patricia
R782 Frug, Mary Joe
R783 O’Brien, Mary
R784 Williams, Patricia /O’Brien, Mary/Frug, Mary Joe

C447 R785 R.Buck
Notes available

C448 R786 Jesse Stuart
Notes Available

C449 R787 Dr. Delamr K. Somerville
Notes available

C450 R788 Dr. Earl L. Core
Notes available

C451 R789 John Cuthbert
Notes available

C452 R790 Our Christian Commitment in Appalachia
Notes available

C453 R791-R794 Pocahantos County Logging Industry
Notes available
R792 Dunbrack, Marvin
R793 Hammons, Sherman
R794 Alderman, Urlic

C454 R795-R798 Black Lung Legislation Hearing
Notes available

C455 R799 (number not used)

C456 R800-R804 B.B. Chapman
Notes available

C457 R805 Sue Mullins Bailey
Notes available

C458 R806 Surface Mining Hearing

C459 R807 Focus On Women and Women's News Update
Notes available

C460 R808-R810 Susan Maxwell, Barb Howe, Natalie Tennant
R808 Maxwell, Susan
R809 Howe, Barbara
R810 Tennant, Natalie

C461 R811 Norma Farley
Notes available

C462 R812-R813 Hammonds Family
Notes available

C463 R814-R816 Window Glass Cutters
Notes available

C464 R817-R818 UMWA International Executive Board Meeting
Notes available
R817 Patterson, LeRoy
R818 Miller, Arnold/Patrick, Henry

C465 R819-R823 Various
Notes available
R819 Hawks
R820 Kidd and Prunty
R821 Buckwheat
R822 West, by Gosh, Virginia
R823 Elmes, Ellen (2)

C466 R824-R828 WV Day 1989
Notes available
R824 Kiger/Parkinson/Chapman
R825 Chapman/Brickley
R826 Bickley/Waugh
R827 Waugh/Reinhard
R828 Reinhard (Q&A Session)

C467 R829 Tucker & Randolph County
Notes available

C468 R830-R841 Helvetia
Notes available
R830 Steiger, Hedwig
R831 Zickefosse, Mary
R832 Metzner, Della
R833 Burky, Ralph
R834 Doyle, Aegerter M.
R835 Quartet
R836 Mailloux, E.F.
R837 Mailloux, E.F.
R838 Mailloux, E.F.
R839 Zumbac, Virginia M.
R840 Balli, Anna & Freda
R841 Isch, Eglesson M.

C469 R842-R847 WVU Radio
Notes available
R842 West Virginia Public Events
R843 WVU Activities
R844 Fighting Heroes
R845 WVU Radio Players I
R846 WVU Radio Players II
R847 WVU Radio Players III

C470 R848-R849 Paul Nyden
Notes available

C471 R850-R852 Jane Price Sharps
Notes available

C472 R853-R854 L.B. Sites

C473 R855-R856 Val Morrison
Notes available

C474 R857-R866 Festival of Ideas 1966

C475 R867-R869 WV Day 1991

C476 R870-R871 WV Day 1993

C477 R872-R873 WV Day 1994

C478 R874-R875 WV Day 1995

C479 R876-R877 Callahan and Finkelman

C480 R878 Allen Ginsberg Tribute at WVU

C481 R879 Hardesty Inaugural

C482 R880 Tolerance Rally

C483 R881 Mary Christopher
Notes available

C484 R882 Mary Oliver Germont and Sister Cabrini
Notes & transcripts available

C485 R883 Frank Martino and Rosann Audia  Martino
Notes, photographs, and transcripts available

C486 R884-R887 WVU Gerontology Inter-generational Project
Notes available
R884 Golden, Mary
R885 Cadddell, Esther
R886 Bittner, Mary (3)
R887 Lape, Clark

C487 R888-R899 Norris Industries Workers
Notes available

C488 R900-R922 Clark Sleeth
Notes and transcripts available

C489 R923-R925 Gerald Fay

C490 R926-R928 Crawford, Laska, Forren, Barlow
R926 Laska, Louis (2)
R927 Forren and Crawford-Summerlee (2)
R928 Crawford & Barlow (2)

C491 R929-R947 Monongahela National Forest History
R929 Grafton, Jim (2)
R930 Moore, Curtis (2)
R931 Schultz, Arnold (3)
R932 Sipe, Henry (2)
R933 Brashler, Janet (2)
R934 Burner, Judy
R935 Ballantyne, John (2)
R936 Mumme, Ralph
R937 McAllister, Cathy (2)
R938 Vandorsdale, William
R939 Warner, Ralph
R940 Mahoney, Harry
R941 McKim, Clifford
R942 Moore, Jack & Mary Ruth (2)
R943 Wingfield, Bill
R944 Oliver, Ephe
R945 Dorrell, Tony
R946 Cross, Louie
R947 Thorn, Gordon

C492 R948-C980 WVU Arts & Sciences 100th Anniversary
Notes available
R948 Carouso (2)
R949 Falbo (2)
R950 Burchina (2)
R951 Vehse (3)
R952 Temple (2)
R953 Walkup (2)
R954 McNeill (2)
R955 Gibbard (2)
R956 Clovis (2)
R957 Barns (2)
R958 Morgan (3)
R959 Mitchell
R960 Gibson (2)
R961 Cowl (2)
R962 Stahr (2)
R963 Miller (2)
R964 Cornell (2)
R965 Laidley (3)
R966 Manning (2)
R967 Hicks
R968 Young
R969 Case
R970 Barrett (3)
R971 Vickers-Harrison (3)
R972 Singer, Armand (4)
R973 (number not used)
R974 (number not used)
R975 (number not used)
R976 (number not used)
R977 (number not used)
R978 (number not used)
R979 (number not used)
R980 (number not used)

C493 R981 Pastor David Kinsler

C494 R982 WVU Commencement 1988

C495 R983 WVU Commencement 1986

C496 R984 MFD Rally
Notes available

C497 R985 Leighton Watson
Notes available

C497 R986 Fred Zeller
Transcript available

C498 R987 Michael Graves
Notes available

C499 R988 Father R. Radzieta
Notes available

C500 R989 Gladys Hundley Lindley
Notes available

C501 R990 Margaret Meredith

C502 R991 Lily Higgins

C503 R992 Burton McCoskey

C504 R993 Mary Winner

C505 R994 Z. Lambert

C506 R995 Bill Chafin
Notes available

C507 R996 Erma L. Veith

C508 R997 (number not used)

C509 R998 George W. Chapman

C510 R999 Melvin Norton

C511 R1000-R1014 Various Names
R1000 L. Kelly and K. Sheets
R1001 Pennington, Steamboat (2)
R1002 Cane, Earl
R1003 Sutton, Fred
R1004 Queen, Charlie
R1005 Gum, Groves
R1006 Cassell, Robert (3)
R1007 Ridge, Seldom Clayton
R1008 Jackson, Ben
R1009 Chestnut, Bedford
R1010 Pennington, Steamboat
R1011 Jackson Merle
R1012 Heavence, Lester
R1013 Cornell, Marion
R1014 Crickard, Bruce (2)

C512 R1015 Louis Birurakis

C513-C560 R1016-R1063 Morris Harvey College Appalachian Center Lectures
Notes available
R1016 Gortner, Marjoe
R1017 Appalachia in the Round
R1018 On the Hatfields & McCoys
R1019 On the Life and Writings of Davis Grubb
R1020 On No Drums, No Bugles
R1021 On The Homecoming
R1022 Appalachian Politics
R1023 On Appalachian Fiction
R1024 Cinema in Appalachia Today
R1025 The Miner
R1026 Appalachia’s Working Class Culture
R1027 The Great American Novel & Night of The Hunter
R1028 George Washington Harris: Yarns A 19th Century Appalachian Sourcebook
R1029 Industrialization and The Attrition of Mountain Characteristics
R1030 On Regional Theater
R1031 On Cinema in Appalachia
R1032 On Spencer’s Mountain
R1033 Appalachian fiction with Jesse Stuart & Lillie Chaffin
R1034 On The Walton’s
R1035 On Mystery Fiction
R1036 Appalachian Literature & Regionalism
R1037 On Appalachian Language
R1038 Bill Withers and Regional Music
R1039 On When The Line Goes Through
R1040 Developing Character For Cinema
R1041 On Defining Appalachian Fiction
R1042 Dramatic Reading by Muriel Dressler
R1043 Dramatic Reading by Muriel Dressler
R1044 Patricia Neal on her Appalachian background
R1045 Appalachian Festival
R1046 On the Migrant Worker
R1047 Appalachian background of Billy Bebeck’s Snuffy Smith
R1048 Herbert Morrison (live newscaster of the Hindenburg disaster)
R1049 Uncle Abner: Pastoral Patriarch and Seer
R1050 On National containment
R1051 Songs, Words, and Faces in the Mountains
R1052 Quality of life for the miner (2)
R1053 Children’s literature in Appalachia (2)
R1054 Appalachian Literature (2)
R1055 Teaching Appalachian culture in junior high WV history classes
R1056 Miner and his union (2)
R1057 Appalachian Language (2)
R1058 Women in Appalachia (2)
R1059 Murder by contract (2)
R1060 Stuarts: A family portrait on writing (2)
R1061 Graphic arts in ethnic Appalachia (2)
R1062 Teaching Appalachian culture through high school English courses (2)
R1063 Appalachian Women feminist movement

C561 R1064-R1069 Various
Transcripts available
C561 R1064 Robert L. Forren
C561 R1065 Louise Cashion
C561 R1066 Elizabeth Lambert
C561 R1067 Nell Gwin Wriston
C561 R1068 Jesse Perkins Thomas
C561 R1069 Ralph Sanders

C562 R1072-R1235 Matewan Oral History Project
Notes & transcripts available
C562 R1070-R1071 Johnny Fullen
C562 R1072 Gladys Hood
C562 R1074-R1075 Howard Sutherland
C562 R1076 John Whitlock
C562 R1077 Uncle Tom Francis
C562 R1078 Betty Smith
C562 R1079 Maurice Herzburn
C562 James Curry (missing tapes & transcript)
C562 R1080-R1081 Charles Hawkeye Dixon
C562 R1082 Josephine Hope
C562 R1083 Edna Wolford
C562 R1084 William Mounts
C562 R1085 Jeanette Simpkins
C562 R1086 Vada Mayse
C562 R1087 Margaret Hatfield
C562 R1088 Eva Cook (missing transcript)
C562 R1090 Cora Dotson
C562 R1091-R1092 Mary M. Ward
C562 R1093 Addie Nowlin
C562 R1094 Fred Mounts
C562 R1095 Paul Lively
C562 R1096 George Warren
C562 R1097-R1100 Venchie Morrell
C562 R1101-R1104 Robert Huff
C562 R1105-R1106 Charlotte Sanders
C562 R1108-R1109 Sallie Dickens
C562 R1110-R1111 Fred Shewey
C562 R1112 Orville McCoy
C562 R1113-R1114 Archie Bland
C562 R1116-R1118 Harold Dickens
C562 R1119-R1120 Louise Darwin
C562 R1121-R1122 Buck Harless
C562 R1123 Jeff Webb (missing 1 tape)
C562 R1124 Rosa Wolford
C562 R1125 Vicie Blackburn
C562 R1126-R1127 Mary Ward
C562 R1128-R1129 Grace Hatfield
C562 R1130-R1131 Stella Presley
C562 R1132 Mattie Allara
C562 R1133 Maggie Collins
C562 R1134-R1135 William Stewart
C562 R1136 Daisey Nowlin (missing 1 tape)
C562 R1137-R1139 Aileen Phillips
C562 R1140-R1141 Bertha Staten
C562 R1142 (number not used)
C562 R1143-R1144 Delma Wright
C562 R1145-R1146 Dutch Hatfield
C562 R1147-R1148 Rex Harmon
C562 R1149-R1150 Edith Boothe
C562 R1151 Geraldine Reams
C562 R1152 Charlie Elliot
C562 R1154-R1156 John Taylor
C562 R1157-R1158 Ruby Aliff
C562 R1159 Pauline Roberson
C562 R1160 Richard Brewer
C562 R1162 Roger Gilliam
C562 R1163-R1165 Virginia Grimmett
C562 R1166-R1167 Basil Hatfield
C562 R1168-R1169 Ted Ball
C562 R1170 Manuel Barrios
C562 R1171-R1172 Margaret Hatfield
C562 R1173-R1174 Letha Can(n)ada
C562 R1175 William Taylor
C562 R1176-R1177 Bertha Damron
C562 R1178 Eveline Hatfield
C562 R1179 John P. McCoy (missing 1 tape)
C562 R1180 Ernest Hatfield (missing 1 tape)
C562 R1181 Kenneth Phillips
C562 R1182 Hiram Phillips
C562 R1183-R1184 Dixie Accord
C562 R1185 Rufus Starr
C562 R1186-R1187 Jim Backus
C562 R1188-R1189 Venchie Morrell
C562 R1190-R1191 Robert W. McCoy Jr.
C562 R1192 Lawrence Chicken Smith
C562 R1193-R1194 Harry Berman
C562 R1195-R1196 Smokey Mose Adkins
C562 R1197 Jesse Bowen
C562 R1198 Tom Chafin
C562 R1199 Estes Wright
C562 R1201-R1202 Mack Morrell
C562 R1203-R1205 Marshall Kirk
C562 R1206-R1207 Howard Radford
C562 R1208-R1209 James Curry
C562 R1210 L.C. Howard
C562 R1212 (number not used)
C562 R1211-R1213 Hawthorne Burgraff
C562 R1214 Herschel Morgan
C562 R1215 Okey Spence (missing transcript)
C562 R1216-R1217 Nel Nenni
C562 R1218-R1219 William Aliff
C562 R1220 Rosa Nenni Ore (missing transcript)
C562 R1221 Everett Faddis
C562 R1222-R1223 Melvin Triolo
C562 R1224 Eddie Nenni
C562 R1225 Dan Moore
C562 R1226 Howard Harmon
C562 R1227-R1228 Tom Blankenship
C562 R1229 Mose Alley
C562 Herman Hoskins (missing tape)
C562 R1230-R1231 Willard Mounts
C562 R1232 Bill and Roy Hall
C562 R1233-R1234 R.W. Buskirk Jr.
C562 R1235 Tate Brown

C563 R1236-R1241 Mon Valley Tri-State Network
Notes available

C564 R1242 Irvin Stewart Inaugural Speech, 1947

C565 R1243 AFL Meeting, Clarksburg, April 8, 1956
Notes available

C566 R1244 Vice President Hubert M. Humphrey

C567 R1245 Dr. Gainer on Appalachia
Notes available

C568 R1246 (number not used)

C569 R1247 Norm Cherniavsky

C570 R1248 Innis C. Davis
Notes available

C571 R1249 Joe D’Agostino
Notes available

C572 R1250-R1256 Clark Sleeth

C573 R1257-R1260 Comstock

C574 R1261-R1262 John Williams

C575 R1263 Ruel Foster
Notes available

C576 R1264 The Saints Took A Holiday
Notes available

C577 R1265 -R1267 Reverend Fred Clark

C578 R1268 John Cortese

C579 R1269-R1271 Professors Emerti Speak

C580 R1272-R1289 Festival of Ideas 1966 and 1968

C581 R1290 State of The University, Dr. Harlow, October 12, 1971

C582 R1291 Talkback

C583 R1292-R1294 WVU Commencement 1965/1966

C584 R1295-R1296 Faculty Orientation, September 12, 1962

C585 R1297-R1352 UMWA
Notes available

C586 R1353-R1512 Mountain Scene Tonight
Notes available

C587 R1513-R1525 Forum on Peace

C588 R1526-R1804 Points of Interest
Notes available

C589 R1805-R1817 Holt Collection II

C590 R1818-R1821 Morony, Timpano, DeAntonis, DeCarlo, Romino
Notes, transcripts, and photographs available
R1818 E. Morony & Nick Timpano
R1819 Nick DeAntonis & I. DeCarlo
R1821 D. Romino (2)

C591 R1822-R1836 West Virginia Highlands Conservancy
Notes available

C592 R1837 Dr. Earl Core

C593 R1838-R1840 U. G. Carter

C594 R1841-R1842 (numbers not used)

C595 R1843 John A. Williams

C596 R1844 Alexander Peru Duff

C597 R1845 Seckar Movie Soundtrack

C598 R1846 (number not used)

C599 R1847 Melvin Wine

C600 R1848 B. David

C601 R1849 Bob Hope

C602 R1850 Dewey Hamrick

C603 R1851 Emma Hammons
Notes available

C604 R1852 Emma Hammons Triplett
Notes available

C605 R1853 (number not used)

C606 R1854-R1855 Paul Myers
Notes available

C607 R1856 –R1857 C.E. Trembly (4)

C608 R1858 Journey Among The Lost
Notes available

C609 R1859 WVU Medical School

C610 R1860 (number not used)

C611 R1861 WVU Commencement (1980A.D.)
Notes available

C612 R1862 Dr. Elizabeth Cometti

C613 R1863 Lloyd Davis

C614 R1864-R1886 Hammons (Fleischhauer)
Notes available

C615 R1887 Lester Heavener

C616 R1889 Earl Cane (2)

C617 R1890 Larry Herman
C617 R1891 Nancy Tonkin
C617 R1892 Stephen & Tricia Rikli
C617 R1893 Hunsinger
C617 R1894 Alyce Moss

C618 R1895 Michael Hornick

C619 R1896 David McKinley
Transcript available

C620 R1897 Parkinson, George S.

C621 T1898-R1899 Davis and O’Day