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Digital Collections

Postcard of Clarysville Civil War Hospital

Clarysville Civil War Hospital

The Clarysville Hospital Digital Collection features scanned images of hundreds of hospital bed cards from the U.S. General Hospital located at Clarysville, Maryland during the American Civil War. 

Photograph of George and Kay Evans with their little white dog named Holly in 1980.

George Bird Evans

The George Bird Evans Digital Collection contains sixty-five years of detailed hand written hunting journals, which document George and Kay’s pursuit of both woodcock and grouse behind their personally created line of Old Hemlock setters.

Photograph of Jerry West shooting a basketball with four other players near him.

Jerry West

The Jerry West Digital Collection includes photographs of Jerry West throughout his life and career. The collection contains photographs and brief clips from interviews with Jerry’s teammates, friends, and family.

Black-and-white photograph of a man, woman, and two children on a porch swing.

West Virginia History Onview

West Virginia History Onview contains the most comprehensive collection of historic photographs pertaining to West Virginia, dated 1850 to the present. New photographs are added every month. 

Political cartoon about Rush Holt featuring the U.S. Congress in the background and members running from the building

Rush Dew Holt Political Cartoons

Holt served as a West Virginia state legislator and U.S. Senator.  At 29, he was the youngest person popularly elected to the U.S. Senate. During his brief career in politics, he was the subject of hundreds of cartoons. 

Black-and-white photograph of Arch Moore with Shelley Moore and a girl sitting next to a sign that says "Vote Tuesday"

Arch Moore Jr. & Shelley Moore Archives

Arch Moore Jr. and Shelley Riley Moore served the people of West Virginia for more than 30 years. The archives document Arch Moore’s career as a congressman and West Virginia’s only three-term governor.

Photograph of Congressman Rahall shaking hands with President Jimmy Carter

Congressman Nick Joe Rahall II

U.S. Congressman Nick Joe Rahall II served the people of West Virginia for nearly forty years. He began his political service in the early 1970s. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976  and was re-elected for nineteen terms, serving from January 3, 1977-January 2, 2015.

Photograph of Senator Jay Rockefeller gesturing with his hand during a Senate committee hearing

Senator John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV

Senator John Davison (Jay) Rockefeller IV served West Virginia for more than 50 years. He came to West Virginia in 1964 as a VISTA volunteer. He served in the West Virginia House of Delegates, as Secretary of State, President of West Virginia Wesleyan College, and Governor. In 1984 he was elected to the United States Senate and was reelected four times.

A criminal Bertillon card

International Association for Identification

Founded in 1915, the International Association for Identification is the world's oldest and largest criminal identification organization. In 2005, the IAI selected the WVU Libraries to house its priceless research library due in part to WVU's pioneering program in the field of Forensic and Investigative Sciences education.

A Western Union telegram

Francis H. Pierpont Civil War Telegram Series

Francis H. Pierpont (1814–1899) was elected governor of the “Loyal” or “Restored” Government of Virginia, which was formed in Wheeling shortly after the state’s Richmond government left the Union to join the Confederacy in May 1861.

Photograph of three Storer College students holding a Storer pennant

Storer College Digital Photographs

The Storer College Digital Photographs Collection includes over 600 images that document the school from its creation just after the end of the Civil War to its dissolution in 1955. They provide a glimpse of buildings, class projects, sporting events and student life in general on the campus.

Photograph of USS West Virginia being attacked at Pearl Harbor

USS West Virginia Photographs

The USS West Virginia Digital Photograph Collection includes over 100 images that document the life of the battleship. Initially launched in 1921, the battleship was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor, raised and repaired, and fought in the Pacific theater until the end of World War II.

Charles Frederick Tucker Brooke

WVU's First Rhodes Scholar: Charles Frederick Tucker Brooke

In October 1904, West Virginia University’s first Rhodes Scholar, Charles Frederick Tucker Brooke, or “Tucker Brooke,” as he was known, set off for England to study literature at St. John’s College, Oxford University.