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A&M Collections on Microfilm

Davis Family Papers A&M.0140
Preston County Court Records, Personal Property and Land Tax Books A&M.0214
Davis Grubb, The Night of the Hunter (Annotated Copy) A&M.0252
Henry Dans Ward Diary A&M.0441
West Virginia University, Agricultural Extension Service, County Agents' Reports A&M.0539
Job W. Parsons Diaries A&M.0566, 0598, 0637
West Virginia Civilian Conservation Corps Records A&M.0629
A.B. Clark, Daybook for an Upshur County General Store A&M.0679
Monongalia and Harrison Counties Surveys A&M.0699
West Virginia University, College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics, Publications A&M.0726
West Virginia University, College of Engineering, Class Cards and Other Material A&M.0739
West Virginia, State Treasurer Records A&M.0761
Robert Ayres (b.1761) Journal A&M.0824
Lawrence Sherwood, Collector, Diaries A&M.0826
Berkeley County (W.Va.) Land Tax Books A&M.0837
Joseph Harman General Store (Mouth of Seneca, W.Va.) Account Book A&M.0838
Ralph Fairfax, Collector, Records A&M.0845
First Presbyterian Church of Clarksburg (W. Va.) Records A&M.0853
Blacksville Store and Gristmill Business Records A&M.0854
Sue Proctor Miller, Collector, Papers A&M.0866
Sweeney Family Genealogy A&M.0897
Monongalia County, Cemetery Readings A&M.0924
West Virginia Independence Hall Foundation, Records Regarding Statehood A&M.0931
Stephenson Family Manuscript Journal A&M.0943
West Virginia Commissioner of the Revenue, West Virginia Vital Statistics, Records A&M.0968
Miners' Treason Trials, Records A&M.0979
Edwards Family Papers A&M.0986
Hotchkiss Map Collection A&M.0990
West Virginia University, Faculty Senate, Minutes A&M.0992
Alfred T. Pope, Bethany College Student, Autograph Book A&M.1004
E. L. Mathers and Max Mathers, Compilers, Monongalia County Scrapbook A&M.1007
Morgantown Methodist Episcopal Church, Records A&M.1014
Ira Brooks Boggs Articles A&M.1017
Berkeley County (W. Va.) Merchant's Day Book A&M.1029
Journal of Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon A&M.1030
Thomas Hanson Journal A&M.1033
Francis Harrison Pierpont (1814-1899), Letters to President Lincoln A&M.1034
United States, District Court of Virginia, Copyright Records A&M.1035
Fawcett Family Genealogy A&M.1048
West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company, Reports A&M.1051
Martinsburg and Berkeley County, Papers A&M.1053
West Virginia University, Agricultural Extension Service County Agents, Reports A&M.1057
George W. Fairfax Papers A&M.1062
Scott Lumber Company, Ledger A&M.1096
McNeill Hotel, Registers A&M.1097
Edna Casto Snarr Genealogy A&M.1099
Mary McKendree Johnson, Collector, Papers A&M.1100
Leonard M. Davis, "The Speaking and Speeches of Nathan Goff, Jr." A&M.1104
Jack R. Patton, Collector, Papers A&M.1127
David B. Reger, Geologist, Records A&M.1155
Methodist Episcopal Church, Huntersville Circuit, Stewards Book A&M.1156
Samuel W. Shingleton, Collector, Records A&M.1158
Louise Hornor Family Papers A&M.1161
R.S. Rudd (b.1846) Records A&M.1162
Storer College, Alumni and Student Records A&M.1168
Hardy and Hampshire Counties, Records A&M.1171
West Virginia University, Board of Regents and Executive Committee, Minutes A&M.1172
Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) Papers A&M.1175
West Virginia University, President's Office, Records A&M.1183
Richard L. Woodyard Papers A&M.1189
Clifford Myers, Compiler, West Virginia Civil War Military Records A&M.1194
Ohio Historical Papers A&M.1202
Henry R. Kelly, Collector, Scrapbook A&M.1205
West Virginia League of Municipalities, Papers A&M.1211
Charles W. Osenton (b.1865) Papers A&M.1215
Morgan County Records A&M.1219
Webster County, Archives A&M.1235
Virginia Records A&M.1240
Anna Lederer, History of Ohio River Valley Around Pomeroy, Ohio A&M.1243
Frederick B. Lambert, Collector and Compiler, Papers A&M.1244
Ohio County, Archives A&M.1245
Virginia Records A&M.1246
Cloyd Goodnight, Biography of Robert Richardson (1806-1876), Manuscript A&M.1247
Virginia Records A&M.1257
Raleigh County, Archives A&M.1262
Campbell Family Papers A&M.1265
Churches of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, Records A&M.1269
Frederick B. Lambert, Collector and Compiler, Papers A&M.1270
Maryland-West Virginia Boundary Line Survey A&M.1277
James M. Crump, Compiler, The Vanbibber Family in Mason County A&M.1280
William H. Newcomb, (b.1870), Papers A&M.1282
Kingwood Methodist Episcopal Church, Records A&M.1286
West Virginia Library Commission, Minutes A&M.1292
Virginia Records A&M.1293
Preston County Board of Education, Records A&M.1296
John Pendleton Kennedy (1795-1870) Papers A&M.1301
W. Guy Tetrick, Compiler, Records A&M.1306
Sanborn Map Company, Fire Insurance Maps for West Virginia A&M 1307
Charles L. Campbell, Compiler, (b.1876), Typescripts A&M.1314
William Whitmer and Sons Lumber Company, Minute Book A&M.1317
J. Ogden Murray Scrapbook A&M.1320
Campbell Family Papers A&M.1321
North Mill Creek German Reformed Church, Record book A&M.1323
Rathbone Family Papers A&M.1324
Henri Jean Mugler Diary and Memoir A&M.1335
R. Emmett Mockler Scrapbook A&M.1337
Bluestone Baptist Church, Records A&M.1339
Trinity Episcopal Church (Parkersburg, W.Va.) Records A&M.1342
William Henry Harrison Flick (1841-1891) Papers A&M.1349
Matthew Mansfield Neely (1874-1958), Politician, Scrapbooks A&M.1353
Clarksburg Independent School District, Commissioner, Minute Book A&M.1354
Trinity Episcopal Church, Norborne Parish (Martinsburg, W.Va.) Records A&M.1362
First Christian Church (Connellsville) Records A&M.1376
Matthew Mansfield Neely (1874-1958), Politician, Scrapbooks A&M.1384
Frank Hereford (1825-1891) Correspondence A&M.1386
Harpers Ferry, Civil War Records A&M.1394
Jesse Johnston Diary A&M.1395
Martinsburg, Provost Marshall, Civil War Pass Book A&M.1396
Kenna Harwood McKeever, Compiler, Wardensville, Genealogy and History A&M.1403
Schools, Berkeley County Board of Education, Records A&M.1404
Schools, Hardy County Board of Education, Records A&M.1405
Great Bethel Baptist Church (Uniontown, Pa.) Records A&M.1407
Tucker Family Papers A&M.1410
Parkersburg Town Council Journals A&M.1422
Henderson and Tomlinson Families Papers A&M.1426
Northwestern Bank of Virginia and the Parkersburg National Bank, Minute Books A&M.1429
Mary Vinson Clark, Compiler, Manuscript A&M.1430
West Virginia University, Agricultural Extension Service, County Agents' Reports A&M.1432
West Virginia Statehood Papers A&M.1435
William Gaston Caperton (1815-1852) Family Papers A&M.1436
Middleville Baptist Church (Taylor County, W.Va.) Records A&M.1442
William E. Glasscock (1862-1925), Governor, Papers A&M.1447
Woodbridge-Blennerhassett Papers A&M.1459
Sistersville, City Council, Minutes A&M.1479
West Virginia, Executive Department, Journals A&M.1487
Olive M. Park Stout, Compiler, Stout Family Genealogy A&M.1492
Western Virginia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, Records A&M.1501
Thomas A. Morris Records A&M.1502
Civil War Correspondence A&M.1508
Julia C. Polsley Scrapbook A&M.1509
Northwestern Bank of Virginia and the Parkersburg National Bank, Minute Books A&M.1510
Moorefield Presbyterian Church Records A&M.1518
A.C.L. Gatewood Papers A&M.1519
Harrison County Land Records A&M.1521
John D. Martin Papers A&M.1531
Hope Manufacturing and Coal Company Records A&M.1535
Walter A. Mestrezat Papers A&M.1538
Lewis Schaeffer, Soldier, Civil War Diaries A&M.1540
Schools, Pendleton County Board of Education, Records A&M.1560
Smokeless Coal Operators Association Records A&M.1564
Dickson Brothers Journals A&M.1570
William B. Curtis (1821-1891) Papers A&M.1591
Thomas C. Townsend Scrapbook A&M.1596
Peter Larew Papers A&M.1603
Clarence Edwin Smith (1885-1959), Barns Family Papers A&M.1604
Trinity Methodist Church (Martinsburg, W.Va.) Records A&M.1605
William Gerard de Brahm, Report on East Florida A&M.1611
William Henry Edwards (1822-1909) Papers A&M.1614
Ripley Town History Typed Document [microfilm] A&M.1616
B.J. Baker Records A&M.1618
Joseph M. Kellogg, Compiler, Notebooks A&M.1626
White Sulphur Springs Company Records A&M.1656
Monongalia County Board of Education, Minute books A&M.1665
Education in West Virginia, Scrapbooks A&M.1668
Clarksburg, Fifty Year Club Miscellaneous Papers A&M.1685
Theodore Haumann, Mortician, Account Book A&M.1702
John M. McCalla, Attorney, Papers A&M.1713
Frank Smith Reader, Soldier, Civil War Diary A&M.1720
Barbour County Board of Education, Records A&M.1726
Clarksburg (W.Va.) Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Records A&M.1735
Civil War Military Records Index A&M.1751
William Nelson Page (1854-1932) Papers A&M.1755
Hazel Run Baptist Church Ledger A&M.1778
West Virginia University, Athletics Scrapbooks A&M.1786
Pennsylvania and West Virginia Genealogies A&M.1788
Volcano, Wood County Historical Records A&M.1800
Watson Family Papers A&M.1815
Frank Stadlbauer, Collector, Records A&M.1818
Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation, Scrapbooks A&M.1822
Charleston Survey of Youth A&M.1826
DeWitt Clinton Gallaher (1845-1926) Papers A&M.1853
Thomas W. Dixon, Collector, Papers A&M.1859
John and Robert Thompson Diaries A&M.1881
James Monroe Ingalls (1837-1927) Service Records A&M.1903
Greenbrier Valley Industrial Exposition Association, Ledgers A&M.1910
Twyman and Dickinson Families Papers A&M.1911
Thomas W. Dixon, Collector, Papers A&M.1918
Henry Ruffner (1790-1861) and William Henry (1824-1908) Papers A&M.1942
William Starke Rosecrans (1818-1898) Correspondence A&M.1943
Donald E. Smith, Collector, Records A&M.1944
William Henry Edwards (1822-1909) Papers A&M.1951
West Virginia State Board of Control, Correspondence A&M.1976
Thomas W. Dixon, Collector, Papers A&M.1989
Thomas W. Dixon, Collector, Papers A&M.1995
Philip Coon (Koon) Descendants A&M.2010
Wheeling Custom House / West Virginia Independence Hall A&M.2014
Alexander Campbell (1788-1866) Papers A&M.2025
Peterson Family Papers A&M.2028
Lyman Stedman, Farmer and Politician, Diary A&M.2042
Etna-Connellsville Coke Company Minute Book A&M.2053
George H. King Journal and Daybook A&M.2058
George W. Perrigo Diary A&M.2062
West Virginia Civil War Letters A&M.2087
Lewis H. Chrisman Papers A&M.2114
Burr-Blennerhassett Trials Papers A&M.2115
Richard M. Hadsell, Collector, Records Regarding History of Coal Industry A&M.2122
Cabell County Land Records A&M.2136
West Virginia Department of Mines Reports A&M.2143
Kanawha County Court Records A&M.2151
Matheny-Stutler Correspondence A&M.2156
Tucker County Schools Record Books A&M.2159
Nathan Ochs Family Papers A&M.2163
John Pendleton Kennedy (1795-1870) Papers A&M.2168
Richard H. Ralston, Sr., Collector, Papers A&M.2205
American Missionary Society Papers A&M.2224
Webster Springs High School Scrapbook A&M.2226
T.T. Perry, Collector, Publications A&M.2253
Aretas Brooks Fleming (1839-1923) Papers A&M.2265
Ward Engineering Company, Archives and Manuscripts A&M.2266
Shepherdstown Lutheran Parish Records A&M.2325
Helen Goldsborough, Collector, Miscellaneous Papers A&M.2327
Elise S. Billmyer, Collector, Papers A&M.2350
Bertha L. Clark, Compiler, Monroe and Greenbrier Counties Genealogy A&M.2355
Shepherdstown Archives A&M.2369
Leonard Lytle, The Descendants of Captain William Lytle (1728-1797) A&M.2390
West Virginia Industrial School for Boys, Archives A&M.2401
Marion County, McGuffey Memorial Society, Notebook and Minute Book A&M.2421
Herbert Manley Diary and Account Book A&M.2440
Ashford Brown Papers, Archives A&M.2441
Christ Reform Church of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Records A&M.2456
Morgantown, Moorefield, and Petersburg, West Virginia Photographs A&M.2538
William Milo Barnum (1856-1926) Papers A&M.2573
Kanawha County Book Protest, Miscellaneous Papers A&M.2624
Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Archives A&M.2632
Methodist Episcopal Church Records A&M.2633
Sirk Family Genealogy A&M.2655
Centerville Presbyterian Church Papers A&M.2672
Pleasant Hill (W.Va.) Photographs A&M.2681
Flat Fork Baptist Church, Minute Books A&M.2687
Logan County Court Records A&M.2733
Patrick Plummer Diary A&M.2772
Civilian Conservation Corps, Scrapbook by Ivan C. Owens A&M.2788
Martinsburg Records A&M.2789
Boots (Steiffel) and Peterson (Biedert) Families Genealogies A&M.2824
Women's Christian Temperance Union, Blacksville, West Virginia Records A&M.2830
Mud River Baptist Church, Minute Books A&M.2845
Frances Hunter Diary A&M.2860
Zion Episcopal Church Records A&M.2888
Bishop Robert E. Lee Strider Diaries A&M.2889
Baker Family Genealogy A&M.2899
Worthington, West Virginia Christian Church History A&M.2912
Logan Osborne Family and Business Records A&M.2941
Arthurdale, West Virginia Scrapbooks A&M.2942
First Baptist Church of Parkersburg Records A&M.2952
Parsons High School Cornerstone, Records A&M.2955
Okey P. Keadle, Soldier, World War I Correspondence A&M.2960
George B. McClellan, Civil War Papers A&M.2967
Francis H. Pierpont, Civil War Correspondence A&M.2968
West Virginia Secondary Schools, Social Studies Survey A&M.2969
Wood County Survey Plats A&M.2970
Victory Baptist Church of Salem, West Virginia, Record Book A&M.2994
Kodol, West Virginia Post Office Records A&M.2999
West Virginia Postmasters Appointment Records A&M.3026
New England Baptist Church Records A&M.3028
Smith-Riffe Collection, History and Genealogy of Lower New River Valley A&M.3033
Pickens Presbyterian Church Records A&M.3041
Lyman C. Draper, Antiquarian, Manuscripts A&M.3045
Marshall, Ohio, and Wood Counties Legislative Petitions A&M.3048
U.S. 1st-6th Volunteer Infantry (Ex-Confederates), Civil War Service Records A&M.3057
Good Hope Baptist Church Records A&M.3069
Goose Creek Baptist Church Records A&M.3083
Leslie Thrasher, Illustrator, Papers A&M.3097
Morgantown First Baptist Church Minute Books A&M.3105
John Brown and John Brown, Jr. Papers A&M.3108
Helen Scott, Compiler, Genealogy Records A&M.3109
Postmasters Appointment Records A&M.3110
West Virginia Union Soldiers and Militia Index A&M.3136
West Virginia Adjutant General, Burial and Cemetery Records A&M.3137
West Virginia, Union, Civil War Military Records A&M.3138
Owen-Neely Funeral Home Records A&M.3139
Meadows Heritage Genealogy Records A&M.3141
Greenville Iron Furnace Ledger A&M.3158
Isaac Meason, Iron Producer, Iron Industry Ledgers A&M.3159
Greene County, Pennsylvania, Genealogy Index A&M.3160
Jacob Skiles, Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, Merchant Daybook A&M.3188
General Education Board Records A&M.3193
United States District Court, Wheeling, Naturalization Petitions A&M.3227
Goshen Baptist Church Records A&M.3234
West Virginia, Health Department, Marriage Certificate Index A&M.3267
Hepzibah Baptist Church, Records A&M.3276
Worthington Baptist Church, Records A&M.3278
Post/Central Hospital, Wheeling, West Virginia, Civil War Records A&M.3289
West Virginia Naturalization Records A&M.3363
West Virginia Land Grants Records A&M.3369
Henry Prickett Ledgers A&M.3384
Summers Methodist Church, Morgantown, Records A&M.3417
Jesse Stuart, Author, Scrapbooks A&M.3448
West Virginia, Department of Health, Vital Statistics A&M.3449
James Morton Callahan, Historian, Papers A&M.4407
West Virginia University, President's Office Records A&M.5262