West Virginia Books

The West Virginia and Regional History Center contains the most comprehensive collection of books and periodicals relating to West Virginia in existence. Subject areas of special strength include state and local history, the Civil War, biography, economic and industrial history, genealogy, literature and the arts. The book collection is non-circulating and is restricted to use in the WVRHC Reading Room only. In addition to bound books, the collection also includes journals, publications on microfilm, and audiovisual media.

The catalog to the WVRHC book collection is included in the WVU Libraries online catalog, WorldCat. In WorldCat, you can limit your search to material contained in the WVRHC by setting the dropdown box to “West Virginia & Regional History Center.”

Description of the Collection

Materials are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system. The system divides materials into ten classes, listed below with highlights from the WVRHC’s collections. Call numbers are in bold.

000-099 includes bibliographies and library operations.

100-199 includes philosophy, paranormal phenomena, logic, and the ethics of consumption.

200-299 includes religious serial publications, autobiographical and biographical works on religious leaders, proceedings and minutes of religious organizations, and studies of religious practices.

300-399 includes labor studies, politics, law, economics, social organizations, education, and folklore.

Labor Studies

Politics and Government

Historical Legal Materials

Social Problems and Social Services

Secondary and Higher Education and Social Organizations

400-499 includes linguistics such as English language variations.

500-599 includes geology, mineralogy, hydrology, and botany.

600-699 includes applied sciences such as healthcare, mining operations, hydraulic engineering, aerospace engineering, agricultural techniques and food technology.

700-799 includes city planning, numismatics, glassware, music, television, outdoor activities and sports.

800-899 includes American fiction, poetry and drama.

900-999 includes history, biography, genealogy, names and insignia.