The West Virginia and Regional History Center is always interested in receiving donations of historic documents, photographs, books, and other information resources that fall within the Center's collecting focus. Indeed, the vast majority of the Center's holdings exist today because individuals and organizations who recognized their value had the foresight to place them here to ensure their survival for posterity. We encourage you to consider that you may have or know of historical materials worth preserving, and to contact us to discuss the possibility of a donation. Not sure if something you have is something the WVRHC would like to preserve? Just ask! Those who donate are rewarded not only by the thanks of researchers at the WVRHC, but also by the satisfaction of participating in the effort to build the historical record and understand West Virginian and Appalachian history and life.

Please also note that, in many cases, the WVRHC would gratefully accept the chance to scan materials, such as precious photographs, and return the originals to the donor.

What We Collect

The WVRHC collects unique and original materials relating to West Virginia and central Appalachia in all written, audio, visual, and electronic formats. Examples of areas of interest include:

Subjects of special interest to the Rare Books Collection include:

The Gift Process

If you are interested in giving manuscripts, printed books, or material in other formats to the WVRHC, please contact us at 304-293-3536 with information about them. If possible, we would appreciate a complete description of the items, information about the condition and provenance of the materials and, if books, a list of printed books which includes author, title, date and place of publication.

Upon acceptance of your gift, you will receive a letter of acknowledgment and, depending on its apparent value, a deed of gift. If you wish to claim a charitable tax deduction, the IRS requires that gifts valued at $5,000 or more be professionally appraised at the cost of the donor. Once accepted, gifts become the property of the WVRHC, unless otherwise noted on the deed of gift. If donated materials are found to be duplicates, or if they do not fit our collecting profile, they may be sold or transferred to another library. The proceeds of sales will be used to increase funding for new acquisitions. Under certain circumstances, a donor may request that items be returned if they are not to be kept in the Library.

We are honored that you are considering placing a gift with the West Virginia and Regional History Center, and we look forward to working with you in this process.

You may also be interested in providing financial support for the WVRHC through WVU Libraries.