Interlibrary Loan Guidelines

The West Virginia and Regional History Center will loan only those microfilm reels for which there is a second, duplicate copy. This duplicate microfilm collection includes newspaper microfilm, court records microfilm, miscellaneous publications on microfilm, and microfilm of archives and manuscript material that may be of interest to historical and genealogical researchers.

The WVRHC's duplicate microfilm will be available through interlibrary loan (ILL). To view a listing of the duplicate microfilm collection in its entirety, please see the Duplicate Microfilm Inventory.

If you would like to borrow microfilm from the duplicate collection, your local public, college, or university library can submit your request to the WVU Libraries Interlibrary Loan office. Ask your librarian to send requests to the address below, or the library may send an email to

Interlibrary Loan
Downtown Campus Library
P.O. Box 6069
West Virginia University Libraries
Morgantown, WV 26506-6069

Interlibrary Loan Copying Fees:

  • Out-of-state libraries - $15.00
  • In-state public libraries and institutions with reciprocal agreements - No charge
  • Commercial (Law firms, hospitals, etc.) - $25.00
  • NIOSH - $15.00

Interlibrary Loan Fees:

  • All microfilm loans - $15.00 per request
  • No other West Virginia and Regional History Center materials circulate

The policy of the West Virginia and Regional History Center is not to conduct research. We can, however, fill interlibrary loan requests for photocopies of material if researchers have specific names, dates, and sources for the information they need. For researchers who do not have specific citations for the information required, and for those researchers who cannot visit us here in Morgantown, we offer a list of local researchers and organizations that can provide assistance.

We provide our list of local researchers at no charge. If you would like a copy of the local researchers list, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (with a brief note requesting the researchers list) to the WVRHC's address below.

West Virginia and Regional History Center
West Virginia University Libraries
PO Box 6069
Morgantown, WV 26506-6069

While the WVRHC will lend its duplicate microfilm collection through interlibrary loan, our policy of not loaning books, manuscript material, pamphlets, sound archives, or photographs remains the same. Though our original manuscripts, pamphlets, sound archives, and photographs are unique to the West Virginia and Regional History Center and cannot be found at other West Virginia University libraries, many of our books here at the WVRHC have duplicate, circulating copies at West Virginia University's Downtown Campus Library and Evansdale Library.

To find out if the book you need is available at the Downtown Campus Library or Evansdale Library, and whether or not it can be borrowed through interlibrary loan, you may search West Virginia University's on-line catalog, MountainLynx. (When the "location information" section in the on-line catalog says "Restricted Access," the item usually may not be borrowed.)

If you discover that the book you need is available at the Downtown Campus Library or Evansdale Library, and you would like to borrow that book through interlibrary loan, your local public, college, or university library may request the book on-line through OCLC, using the symbol: WVU. ILL requests from other libraries can also be sent via email to

For interlibrary loan requests for items from the West Virginia and Regional History Center, please anticipate that your request may take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive at the borrowing library.

Requests for photocopied material may take longer to fill, depending on the ease with which we are able to locate and copy the information requested.

Any interlibrary loan requests (for microfilm or photocopies) which we cannot fill are returned to the borrowing library with an explanation detailing why we were unable to provide the requested material. If there are any questions regarding interlibrary loan requests, calls should be directed to our interlibrary loan department at: 304-293-0368, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (EST).

We thank you for your interest in the WVRHC's interlibrary loan service and we look forward to helping you with your research needs.


Interlibrary Loan Service
The West Virginia and Regional History Center


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